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I updated the tms.txt on topic (and NOT the pack yet) with the BW2 move tutors.

PS: To fix the error:

Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
PokemonUtilities:1246:in `pbSeenForm'
PokemonUtilities:1221:in `pbAddPokemon'
PokemonDebug:403:in `pbDebugMenu'
PokemonDebug:299:in `loop'
PokemonDebug:610:in `pbDebugMenu'
PokemonPauseMenu:242:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
PokemonPauseMenu:241:in `pbFadeOutIn'
PokemonPauseMenu:241:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
PokemonPauseMenu:142:in `loop'
PokemonPauseMenu:256:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
In PokemonUtilities, after line 'if !$Trainer.formseen[species]' add '$Trainer.formseen[species]=[]'.
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