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    Raw Review 23/7/12 (Episode 1000!)

    Before my review, I'd just like to say this: what is it with American TV and commercials? There literally must have been about 10 commercial breaks last night. At one point Raw was actually back from a break for 3 minutes before another 5 minute break. It was nuts.

    Anyways, review time:
    • DX reunion: When HBK and HHH came out for the DX reunion, I was a tad worried that was all we'd see. Then Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and XPac came out and made the reunion as awesome as it possibly could be. Amazing opening to the show.
    • Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio: This match wasn't bad but wasn't that great either. The best part was GOOD OL' JR on commentary with Cole and King. Unfortunately this was the only match he called. Really he should have been there for the whole thing.
    • Cole and King with Charlie Sheen on Skype: This was funny at first but got old pretty quickly. By the third time it was just plain annoying.
    • Backstage segment with AJ and Layla: AJ talks about the WWE being unstable and opens her changing room door. Outside is Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Roddy Piper and R-Truth with Little Jimmy, and Mae Young with a grown up version of her son, the Hand. This part made me laugh so much. I can just imagine the kids in the audience who have no idea why Mae was with a man dressed in a hand outfit. Brilliant.
    • Jack Swagger vs. Brodus Clay: Fairly short match, so not a lot I can say, but Dude Love making an appearance and dancing in the ring was pretty nostalgic. Didn't expect Mick to be at the show. His dancing was pretty awful but it was awesome to see that the Dude Love gimmick hadn't been forgotten.
    • Daniel Bryan and AJ "wedding": I didn't care all that much for this, but seeing Slick as the reverend was great. The wedding didn't go as planned for Bryan and AJ was announced by Vince as the new GM of Raw. Was totally not expecting that, so props to WWE for that unpredictable move. Not sure how AJ as GM will pan out though.
    • Rock, Punk and Bryan segment: This was pretty cool. The best part of this was Rock announcing that he would face the WWE champion at the Royal Rumble. Rock vs. CM Punk in a WWE title match? Yes please.
    • WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz vs. Christian: This starts off with Bret Hart as ring announcer and timekeeper, which was pretty cool. The match itself was actually pretty good. Wasn't expecting the title to change hands, but it was great to see Christian hand down the gold.
    • HHH, Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman segment: HHH calls out Lesnar but Heyman comes out instead and turns HHH's challenge down. Stephanie and HHH provoke him and he provokes them, and he changes his answer and accepts the challenge on Lesnar's behalf. Pretty good segment with lots of harsh words.
    • Lita vs. Heath Slater: Obviously Lita won. The best part was the return of the APA and other WWE legends: Animal, Sid, Vader, Rikishi, Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Diamond Dallas Page, Doink the Clown and Bob Backlund. Another great match ending despite its shortness. Oh, and of course Ron Simmons said DAMN!
    • Brothers of Destruction return: This part was great to see too. Undertaker and Kane two guys who made Raw great during the attitude era, and Undertake was at the first ever Raw in 1993, so it only made sense for him to make an appearance. When Kane's music hit I was hoping for his classic attire. Oh well, it was still an amazing segment.
    • WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. CM Punk: Overall the match wasn't too great, and the ending didn't seem much better until Rock came out to confront the interfering Big Show. Punk attacking the Rock and turning Heel was a highlight. A great twist that was completely unpredictable.

    DX reunion
    JR makes an appearance
    Hilarious backstage segment with Mae Young and the Hand
    Dude Love gimmick returns
    Rock vs. CM Punk teaser
    Intercontinental title match
    HHH, Steph, Heyman and Lesnar segment
    Lita vs. Heath Slater with the return of APA and legends
    Brothers of Destruction reunite/Undertaker returns to Raw for the night

    Charlie Sheen kept popping up on Skype which became annoying
    The wedding segment was stupid. Only saving grace was the announcement of AJ as the new GM
    Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn't make an appearance

    Overall a good show. I've bolded that last con because I cannot believe that Austin wasn't a part of the show. He should have been booked months in advance for this event, seeing as they hyped it up for about 3 months. How the company's most profitable wrestler in history did not make an appearance is beyond me. It was still a great show though.