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    Arti briskly walked towards the others, they were conversing about Quagsire, and how to catch him. Arti approched just as Wess said, "This is Franklin..."

    "Hey! I'm back! Lets get going, your Quagsire might get hurt by wild pokemon in the dark."

    Arti remembered something. He pulled Larry's ball out of his pocket, and let him out. Larry was more or less furious, and jumped on Arti, shocking him. He was used to Larry by now, so the shocks didn't make him jump anymore, except when taken by surprize like last time. He got his fingers around him and managed to pry Larry off before his entire body went numb.

    "Larry! No! Bad Larry! I know you're upset, but this is why I locked you up in the first place!"

    Larry blinked a few times, and the current going through Arti's hands stopped. Arti sighed, he didn't want to spaz out like last time. He put Larry on the ground.

    "Hey, this is Larry. He's my newest pokemon, and we don't always see eye to eye. But earlier I noticed that Larry illuminated the air around him, so he should be pretty useful in our search. And he wouldn't hurt you guys, just me. So don't worry about his....behaivor."

    Larry screeched, making Arti flinch slightly. But after that he behaived. Arti gave a cheesy smile, trying to convince the others that Larry was pretty harmless.

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