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    Update on EMERALD DRAGONZ!

    So I beat all the gym leaders. That was already stated.
    Victory road? Pffft easy.
    Elite Four? Lol easy
    Wallace? Actually had to use all my pokemon. (kingdra, salamence, flygon)
    I didn't use altaria, because I only needed three, and din't feel like training another dragon/flying type.
    Steven was pretty easy with fire blast and earthquake. I had to use a max revive on flygon though.

    Soooo, heres the team.

    Flygon lv 65
    Dragon Claw

    Kingdra lv 55

    Salamence lv 79

    Fire Blast
    Rock tomb
    Dragon claw

    Soooo....I went ahead and did Pokemon Pearl on my bug challenge too...

    I picked piplup...duh.
    Beat the crap outta some starly
    Tried to give piplup back, who knew he wasn't bug type?
    Oldman wouldn't take him back...
    So, caugt a REAL pokemon. Kricketot.
    Boxed piplup. Will hm slave him later.
    Beat some loser trainers wearing shirts.
    Proceeded to get my butt kicked by Roark.
    Must evolve kricketot....soon....

    And thats as far as I got.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!