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    Originally Posted by pichu2000 View Post
    Good idea, really! Maybe I can add support for your extension file (.per, .bld) in my tool (If you give me authorization)
    Sure you can! These new file formats are just the extracted sections and contain the data, they shouldn't be difficult to implement.

    Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
    Oh, I forgot to mention is this compatible for all the 4th gen games, including HGSS?
    It works with Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, yes. Just make sure you have selected the right game option when exporting or you'll get files with garbage.

    EDIT: Version 0.4 has been released!
    • Added import button for all the sections
    • Fixed a size calculation bug when importing terrains
    • Added file type check
    • Added automatic game origin detection (but it can be forced)
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