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    Mitzi Abelle

    "What kind of...?" Mitzi trailed off when the realization hit that the door was being held open for her. She paced through, answering the gesture with a hurried, "Thank you!"

    Regaining her composure she returned to her initial question. "What kind of strategies are you working on?" she asked. Mitzi didn't know very much about strategic battling, but she asked anyways because she was genuinely interested.

    Oh, and a Pokegear... They weren't quite so common in Sinnoh, but her parents had gotten her one very recently. Mitzi now realized that this might be the reason why. She plunged her hand into the pocket of her shorts, bringing it back up with a purple and red device in hand. It still looked a little strange to her.

    "I wouldn't mind to exchange numbers. It might be useful" she mused. "Or at least reassuring."
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