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    C.J. Styles

    C.J. steps off the ship with a displeasured look on his face. “Humph,” he said aloud, “this place doesn’t look as glorifying as it’s made out to be.” He was talking to his Deino, Ace, who seemed to have the same displeased look on his face.

    Come on, we’re heading straight to Oak Town,” C.J. said, “I have something to do, then we will head to the Suicune dorm and get unpacked. Maybe if there‘s time left we can do some training. Okay?” “DEINO!” Ace proclaimed in excitement. The blind Dragon loved to train and better itself.
    Remember, we are hear to learn as much as to train. Next time she won’t win.” C.J. said as he started to walk through the town, Ace walking along side. He had studied the islands maps for the last few weeks before his departure so he had a pretty good idea on where he was going. “I refuse to lose again.” he said softly, eying his partner.

    He knew his Pokemon were not the strongest but he was confident in their abilities. Over the next few days he planned to train them as much as possible, be it through battles or other means he didn’t care, and with classes on top of that, he had a lot of work cut out for him.

    A small arrogant smirk emerged on his face, “This could be fun.” “Deino!” Ace voiced his agreement. At that moment he realised that he hadn’t had his other Pokemon out in quite some time. Pulling two Poke balls off their respective spots on his belt he tossed them in the air, “Come on out guys,” he said, “you could use some fresh air.” From the red hued light two Pokemon emerged, one a young Axew who immediately climbed her way up to C.J.’s shoulder the other a darker then average colored Bagon. “BAGON!” he exclaimed as it stretched.
    Alright, let’s go. We have a lot to do and need to get it over with as soon as possible.

    With that they continued on their way.
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