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6After Lt. Surge i went on and got my bike... and then walked East of Cerulean.
On my way to the rock tunnel, Marijuana evolved into Venusaur! Awesome! I found a Pokemon Center and healed up and went into the Rock tunnel without flash :s
Luckily my childhood instincts led me safely out of the cave and into Lavender town:


Then i went West and defeated all the Trainers. I then walk through an underground tunnel and ended up in Celadon City. i Went straigt to the gym instead of doing the Team rocket misson and Solo'd Erika with Barbaras (i now see that my guys are pretty overleveld... but thats ok i guess c


So, after Erika i went and got Fly, realising that Golbat cannot lern fly in Gen 1 or 2.... i Facepalmed.
However, i caught an HM-Slave and then continued with the Team Rocket Quest.
There isn't really much to say then thati never needed to heal and got through to Giovnni and Solo'd him with Hornyqueen c:


I then went back to lavender town to get the Pokeflute, Team rocket was eeeeaaaasy.
I Also decided to catch a gastly, even if i cant get Gengar....
I Named him SuicideKid and trained him up to the same lvls as the other guys c:
During that training he evolved into Haunter
i then took the route south of Lavender to get to Fushia.
I Challenged Koga right away and SuicideKid Solo'd him.


My Current team:

Marijuana lv 40

Body Slam
Leech Seed
Razor Leaf

Hornyqueen lv 37

Body Slam
Seismic Toss

Barbaras lv 37

Leech Life
Wing Attack
Confuse Ray

SuicideKid lv 38

Dream Eater
Confuse Ray
Night Shade

Kanto - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova
Emerald, might do Ultimate later

Diamond: Nuzlocke Challenge

Extreme Solo: Lickitung/Lickilicky - HeartGold
Solo Challenge: Gengar - Platinum