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Beat Lance on Silver today!

♦ Picked Cyndaquil as my starter, which also served as my first team member. Named it Kastro.
♦ After beating Falkner, Kastro got joined by Menchi the Mareep. Later on, after Bugsy was defeated, Hisoka the Drowzee joined the team.
♦ Took down Whitney and proceeded to Ecruteak. Along the way, I caught a Sunkern that I named Kikyo. I didn't start training her until I had reached Olivine though, because it would be much easier to do so with the sea routes.
♦ Beat Chuck with a newly-evolved Menchi, and then defeated Jasmine.
♦ Shortly after, I caught the final team member, Meowth. I named it Leorio.
♦ After Rocket business, I took down Pryce with ease. After some more Rocket business, I beat Clair and made my way up to the Pokémon League.
♦ Will, Koga and Bruno went down without any trouble at all. Karen was also easier than usual.
♦ Lance wasn't a threat at all either, I had a well-rounded team that could take pretty much anything he decided to throw against me. So I beat him and earned the title as Champion of Johto!

Moving onto Kanto now, shouldn't take long.


Kastro the Typhlosion, Lv 43 (♂)
Item: Amulet Coin
Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Strenght, Earthquake

Menchi the Ampharos, Lv 42 (♀)
Item: Charcoal
ThunderPunch, Light Screen, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave

Hisoka the Hypno, Lv 43 (♂)
Item: NeverMeltIce
Confusion, Hypnosis, Headbutt, Ice Punch

Kikyo the Sunflora, Lv 41 (♀)
Item: Miracle Seed
Mega Drain, Growth, Petal Dance, Sunny Day

Leorio the Persian, Lv 41 (♂)
Item: Pink Bow
Shadow Ball, Headbutt, Iron Tail, Mud-Slap
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