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    C.J. Styles

    C.J. stood there a minute looking up at the Poke Mart, it’s much bigger then what he was use to seeing. “Custos, keep these guys well behaved.” he said as he walked into the Mart. Not wanting to waste anymore time he went straight up to the cashier. “I have a list of TM’s and items I need, I want them all before I leave this store as I’m not sure when I’ll be back this way.” he said with an arrogant tone and handed the cashier his list. If one was to glance at it they’d see it listed off some 40 TM’s and around 7-8 items with another number next to it which would be assumed as an amount. “This is quite the list you have here, I have it all in stock but it will take me some time to gather it up.” the cashier responded. “Just make it quick.” C.J. snapped.

    About ten minutes later the cashier returned, “I have your list finished,” he said, “are you sure you can afford this?” the man had a puzzled look on his face. “You think I would come asking if I couldn’t pay?” C.J. responded, the same arrogant tone in his voice. He pulled an envelope out of his bag and opened it revealing a large some of money. It seemed most of it was just for this purpose. “My parents gave me this to buy these over time,” he said, “but seeing as how TM’s are now reusable, I have no need to wait.” He handed the cashier his money and took his massive amount of TM’s and items.

    As he exited the store he handed Custos the bag of, "Carry these for a bit, we have a long way to the dorms. goods." “You’re so lazy.” Custos complained. C.J. just looked at him for a moment, “Fine if you prefer I’ll carry it the first half, and you can carry it after walking for a while.” C.J. smirked as he took the bag back and started towards to Academy dorms. “Let’s go.” he said as Ax climbed back up to her spot on his shoulder.

    40 minutes later

    C.J. looked around outside the dorm for a moment, grateful he didn’t get placed in one of the lower dorms. “Okay guys, I need you to return to you’re poke balls for a bit. We don’t want people knowing our strength do we?” The Pokemon signalled their agreement and returned, with the exception of Ace who hated being confined unless he really needed to be.

    The two walked inside and looked around, their were a few trainers in the lobby, one stood out to C.J., a boy, shorter then himself and appeared a bit younger too. He ignored them and walked over to the reception desk, “I need my Dorm jacket and my room key. Oh and my class schedule please.” He said. “I’ll need your name first.” the receptionist said. “Christopher Styles.” “One moment please,” the receptionist said, ”okay here we go, room 29, that’s upstairs.” C.J. was then handed his key, jacket, and schedule. He walked away looking at his jacket, not really paying attention to where he walked.

    What an ugly looking jacket isn’t it?” he thought. “I wouldn’t know,” Ace responded sarcastically, “But I bet you’ll look just lovely in it.” Ace snickered and C.J. glared at him for a moment before sitting in a chair, for a moment to rest, across form the boy he noticed earlier.
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