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    Mitzi Abelle

    Mitzi fumbled about with the Pokegear. "Sorry, I just got this today, and I can barely even handle a Poketech ri-" She figured it out, and cut herself off with a exaggerated sigh. "They don't even use these much in Sinnoh," she admitted, "but at least you can have a private call instead of talking to your wrist..."

    She then listened intently to what Mark had to say. Mitzi mulled it over a little. Working together, huh?

    "Yeah, I guess my team needs to work on teamwork too," she conceded. They didn't fight often or resist each other, but Mitzi's team was made up of two very radically different Pokemon, and it was hard to combine their strengths.

    She turned her focus to the inside of the building now, scanning over the lobby intently. This was where she'd be staying after all.
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