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Originally Posted by theSyko501 View Post
Team Rat!(aka purple)

Started game picked cindaquil
Got Mystery egg and returned to the professor beating my rival silver along the way
Sent a Rattata from my platinum level 1 (i woulda cought one on rute 29 but i was there for a hour plus trying and one never showed)
Fought through sprout tower
Beat falkner at level 13 with Focus energy/quick attack
fought through route 32 and union cave
Beat team rocket in slow poke well
Fought through Bugsy gym and beat him with flame wheel(egg move)
Beat Silver for a second time
Made it through ilex forest
Defeated all the trainers on the rute befor golden rod (can not remember the name for the life of me)
Got radio card and beat whitney (shouldent have paralized a guts rattat :p)

Ability: Guts
Hyper Fang
Quick attack
Flame wheel

Rock smash
Sand attack

updated my purple mono run

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