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    C.J. smirked a bit at the Flaaffy’s ‘magic’ act. “Well, at least it was an interesting distraction,” He responded, his displeasure from earlier fading already but there was still a small smug tone to his voice, “did you teach it that yourself?” He placed the bag he got from the Poke Mart on the seat next to him, the bag opening showing the massive amount of newly purchased TM’s. Pulling up his regular travel bag he started to dig through, after a few seconds he dropped the bag back to the floor revealing two poffins. He threw one to Ace who, despite being blind, caught it with ease. The second he held out to the Flaaffy, “Here,” he said beginning to smile, “consider it a thank you.

    He looked up at the boy, his mood beginning to lighten. “So, are you new here as well? I only just arrived about an hour ago myself.” He was attempting to be nice, after all, he needs at least a few people to be friends with, and this boy seemed nice enough. He wasn't sure if his displeasure from the past few days was shining through but if it was the stranger seemed to be ignoring it for the most part. His Flaaffy, however, seemed to have picked up on it though.
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