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    Meep didn't show it, but he was relieved that this boy seemed to somewhat enjoy Fluffernut's magic trick. At least he didn't seem to have a completely bad nature. He patted Fluffernut on the head as he nibbled on the poffin he was offered. He was obviously enjoying his snack, so Meep felt that the boy could be trusted.

    "Heh. Glad you enjoyed the show," Meep replied with an aloof smile. "To tell you the truth, Fluffernut became my Pokemon only about a week ago. He used to be my father's Pokemon, so you should send your compliments to him. He was a very successful Pokemon Coordinator back in his day, with Fluffernut being his latest and most popular act. He didn't know his parlor tricks until my father set up a daycare in Celadon City, and he actually taught himself."

    Fluffernut bleated happily and continued to nibble on his poffin. Meep then decided to answer the boy's second question.

    "And yes, I'm also new here. I actually just settled into my room a couple of minutes ago. I would've been resting up there right now, but Heart convinced me to take her exploring... Oh right! I haven't introduced you to Heart!"

    Fully aware that Heart was wide awake now, he reached into his bag and gently lifted Heart out. She wiggled free from her master's grasp and hopped onto his head, making herself comfortable. Meep merely smiled at her actions as he picked his bag up again.

    "This little Eevee is Heart," he said with a hint of pride in his voice. "She just hatched from her egg two days before I left for the Academy. Don't let her unusual dark appearance fool you. She's really a loving Pokemon... but I'd still like to warn you that she doesn't really let anyone but me play with her, so you might want to be cautious."

    Heart proceeded to curl up on top of his head, seemingly uninterested with meeting the boy. Meep wanted to say something to her, but he just exhaled and diverted his attention back to the fellow student.

    "Pay no mind to her. She's not really interested in making new friends right now. Hopefully, that'll end when she starts to mature. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I'm Nick Kurtz, but you can call me Meep."

    He extended his arm out for a handshake, hoping that the boy would return the gesture.
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