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    Hooray! Welcome aboard, you've been added to the list.

    I agree, Iris is just wonderful and fantastic. It's also really nice to see someone who isn't a coordinator. Iris is also probably the most "wild" or "tomboyish" character we've had since Misty/Kasumi. It's really refreshing.

    Whether it is the anime or games, and I like both. It's hard to describe Iris as anything other than a very epic, or at least very welcome addition. I like how the anime and games are also able to focus on different facets of Iris. The games on how she's tough and nails super-talented. And the anime gets to show you a closer look into the 'heart' of dragons, angle. Seeing lots of cases of her caring for Pokemon, and especially dragons.

    And dragon Pokemon are just great. I remember spending lots of time in Pokemon R&B trying to get myself a Dratini. And it was all worth it.

    Yay, I haven't had to double post post in the thread yet.
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