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Icarus Uprising

The most awkward thing about talking to someone, is the ghostly silence that drifts on. It had been a while before the girl took her Minccino back. Exactly what family was she from? It would be trouble, more than talking, to become friends with those of Divine Water. But Icarus was still timid to ask what family Aimi, as she introduces, is in. She seemed to be kicking the floor, also shy. That Icarus can already see.

Ichigo could already see the conversation, if it was even one, was nearly over, if not demolished. What just catches his attention is Hikari Densetsu & her Entei coming by. Immediately he bounces off the bench & stays beside Icarus. Icarus, on the other hand, suddenly blushes as her crush comes by. The redness on his face says it all.

Icarus did not like that lovey-dovey part Hikari mentioned. Anyway, getting off subject, she was asking for Icarus' assistance. A little girl's linked Pokemon was trapped inside the ice sculpture. That sounded like a life at stake. So Ichigo was needed then. Hikari introduced herself, but Icarus already knew her name. He had nodded & agreed to help, letting Ichigo on his shoulder. He shyly bowed to Aimi with hands clasped together, "W-we'll meet ag-gain..." now he runs on by to the ice sculpture.

So I need to rescue a Pokemon? At least I don't have to talk right now, Icarus thought in relief. He just couldn't believe it. Hikari Densetsu talked to Icarus, in person! He squeled inside, then focused back to the Pokemon. Time for Ichigo to do his part!

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