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October Carter

Click! October Carter caught the Zubat!!

ZUBAT ♂ Mild
Inner Focus - Zubat is prevented from flinching.
  • Leech Life
  • Supersonic

- 1x PokéBall
- 1x Bottle of Water
+ 1x Empty Bottle

Antonio Chambers

"Stop right there!" A man dressed in a uniform, probably late 20s, approached Antonio with a firm stare. He stood in front of Antonio, leaning down to look at him in the eyes. "I don't know who you think you are but this road is closed." He gestured to an extremely thick tree collapsed over road. There were a few men around it with a Charmeleon, a Flareon and a Golduck trying to burn the tree without creating an enormous fire.

"A tree came down last night during the storm. It should be dealt with by the morning, kay? In the meantime, why don't you check out the temple if you want an adventure?" with a final stare, the man turned back around to help get rid of the tree.
- 1150P
+ 5x Potion
+ 2x PokéBall

Robert Hawkins

"Hmm?" the merchant looked up at the man who had approached him. "Oh, well, I don't have lanturns but I do have this," the man placed a basic Pokéball on the counter. It wasn't empty, that much could be seen. "It's a freshly hatched Magby. One of the travellers who disembarked here had a bunch of eggs he was selling. You look like a respectable man. I will give you this Magby for 1500P, a very special price indeed. You can't even get them for this much on the mainland. What do you say?"

The merchant winked with a smile on his face.

"You might be able to earn back some of that gold if you can also do me a quick favour."
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