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.... ....

Julius had his ear firmly placed on the flaky, wooden boards of the well-built ferry as it swayed back and forth in the waves. It seemed as if the sea was singing some kind of soft lullaby, echoing the words through every wave. The ship was relaxed and striding calmly through the vast and brilliant water…. As it should’ve, because today was certainly not the day the sea would decide to engulf all those who inhabited the ferry and deliver them to their final resting place.

“Sir.” Said a sailor cautiously but firmly at the curious man. Yielding no response, the man made a second attempt, even slower than the first. “Sir?”

“Ssssshhhh.” Julius hissed, cutting the man’s words off. “Shattup.”

“….Sit up?”

“Ssssshhhh!” Julius scolded, emitting the sound louder than the first. “Do you want to scare ‘em awai, lad?”

“Scare who away, sir?” The foolish sailor said, continuing his doomed journey into the conversation.

“Nat whom, what.”




“Exactly!” Julius yelled inappropriately loud and snapping his fingers, causing a few of the other travelers to turn their head from their obviously important lives. Proceeding to replace his ear back on the board he was previously fixed on, the sailor questioned existence before returning to what he came for in the first place.

“Well, um, yes. Anyway sir, I would just like to inform you that we’ll be docking in a few minutes.”

“Docking?!” Julius blurted out as his back shot up. “Whom said you could dock, lad?!”

“T- the captain?”

“Unacceptable!” Julius screamed as he jumped to his feet and pointed his finger to the sky in protest. How dare this injustice stand where he was currently standing! Who does this injustice think it is?!

“Excuse me?” The sailor questioned.

“How unapproachable of you. Not tellin’ me shuner! I could’ve had a pot’a’soup or asparagus readi hours ago! How does one expect me to carry on now?!”

“Pot of what?”

“Pot of what? No, lad! Dat’ta be disgustin’! What is for and in the sea sounds, mi’lad. I’ma talkin’ about soup.”


“Or asparagus! Do you not listen?!”

“If- If you’re hungry sir, we can certainly bring you up whatever leftover rations from the trip we have left….”

Julius turned his head with a face transformed in something maddening. The sailor’s eyes grew into terrified globes coated in panic as Julius began to approach him slowly. Before the sailor’s feet could properly take a step backwards, Julius had already leaped and grabbed the man’s collar. As his teeth barred and the sailor’s life flashed before his eyes, Julius opened his mouth and-

“Yes, that sounds lovely!” Julius said in the most cheerful voice he could muster. “Some crackers too, eh lad?”

As Julius released the man’s collar, the sailor’s muscles melted into butter and his body lumped carelessly on the floor beneath them. Julius furrowed his brow and frowned disapprovingly.

“Aye, doing that will certa’nly not get me that soup ani fasta.”

.... ....

“Now please, if all of you can step in a single-file line.” The captain said, motioning the group onto the shore. Like directed, the people around Julius quickly got off the boat in a neat, single-file, boring, line. Julius eyed the captain as his turn came up, being the only person left to get off. “Sir, is everything all right?”

“Yes.” Julius quickly shouted out, looking back and forth between the exit off the boat and the captain. He reached for his satchel, digging out the large piece of tarpaulin Laughner gave him.

“If you feel uneasy, I’m sure we can-“

“Nah uneasiness!” Julius blurted as he took two corners of the tarpaulin and began to tie them around his neck, over his robe.

“We can certainly walk you down if the height makes you-“

“Tarpaulin man!” Julius yelled out as he ran towards the side of the ferry, pushing the captain to the ground, and leaping like a superhero into the forbidding sea below.

As the sailors quickly attended to their captain, Julius swam around amongst the lullaby waves, whispering some kind of theme song for his newfound identity.

.... ....

Julius slammed his bottom onto the sand below him as he sopped with water. He had a strange red-and-white device in his hands that he squinted at with ample curiosity that didn’t recall finding in his satchel before then, and he certainly didn’t place it there. It was too strange. Much too strange. No…. it was perfectly strange. Excellently strange. Or was it weird? Odd? Queer? What brand of strangeness was it?

Suddenly, the ball shot open and Julius cursed as he threw it onto the ground. A scarlet beam began to fade as it materialized a floating, rocky orb creature that huffed yellow-brown clouds of smoke from what looked to be craters. It began to wobble in the air, somehow losing its footing (guessing you can call it that) in the air and promptly falling onto the ground.

“Koffffiiiiiiiinnnngggg.” The monstrosity moaned, evidently hurt.

“What in blazes are you, you little scamp-thing? Ya look like an orb of mystery.” Julius said to the creature, unknowing what to think of it. It looked up at him, frowning and whimpering a little, wondering why he wasn’t doing something to take away the pain.

“Koff.” It squeaked.

“Listen to tha squeak! High voice…. Must be a girly then, am’i’rite, lassie?”

“Koff?” The pokemon asked, trying to understand her master. Julius picked the orb up from the sand to her surprise and began to examine her. The creature was fairly small and soft for its rocky appearance, so it had to be relatively young.

“How rudimentary-like!” Julius exclaimed at his new companion, who stopped whimpering and found herself soaked into the activity of her master. Julius threw her onto the ground and stood up, and the Koffing rolled a bit to look up at her trainer.

“Do you know how to dance a jiggy, my lass of orb-iggy?” He asked at the creature, who smiled at the silliness of the sounds. Julius began to stoop to his knees move his arms up and down in some kind of dance. The Koffing began to laugh and moving a bit to dance with him as her master bounced up and down.

.... ....

Julius carried his orb of mystery as he strolled confidently through…. whatever this town was called ….looking for some kind of adventure. He was disappointed by the quietness of what tried to be hustle and bustle. Bored, he strolled up to some kind of merchant.

“Ah, hello. I-“

“Dafrack is this?” Julius asked, picking up what seemed to be some feline-like statuette of some sort.

“Oh- oh?” The merchant cooed, regaining his understanding. “Ah. Yes. That’s a fine piece of merchandise you have there, stranger. It’s supposedly a statuette of the-“

Julius threw the statue across his shoulder and it crashed onto the side of a nearby building. The merchant gasped as he saw one of his favored little trinkets explode into a cloud of white dust and broken shards of porcelain. His face flushed into a shade of red anger.

“You-!” he huffed.

“Do’ya’knu of any adventure lying arund here, sir-lad-sir?” Julius interrupted, leaving the man to choke on the fumes of his frustration.

“Why would I-?” The merchant said before suddenly stopping and getting an idea. “Well, actually, yes. In fact, I’ve heard that skinny path to the north-west of town is full of great adventure. I think I saw a man go down there earlier carrying a lot of gems with him too; perhaps you should find him and see if he will share his loot.”

The merchant giggled at his statement as the man in front of him gave a puzzled look. Everyone knows that you would probably die if you headed down that path. All kinds of creepy noises have been heard from that side of the forest, and it’s not like- what where was the weird man going. Why is he yanking that torch off that building and heading….?


Oh no.
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