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    Antonio was slightly upset that his adventure had been postpone because of the accident but there was nothing he could do. As much as he loved and believed in Cranium, he knew his limits and even if magically got by Charmeleon and Flareon because of type difference, it would have been straight torture to have his young Cranidos go against a Golduck. Sadly, but truthfully, to say, that Golduck would have whipped the floor with Cranium. He looked down at Cranium and saw that the little blue dinosaur was upset too.
    He open his mouth to say, something to it, when all of a sudden he walked smack dab into a wall.

    Antonio rubbed his head and looked up to see what he walked into. The first thing he saw when he looked up was unrecognizable, enchanting writing on the wall. The writing was so alluring, he felt like he was staring at the drawings for forever. It wasn’t until he felt a nibble at his hand, that he came out of his trance. “Ouch, Cranium!” He yelled. Cranium just looked at him smiling. “Not funny, big head.” He laughed as Cranium gave him the evil eye. Antonio smiled as he proceeded to stand up. When he was full standing, he finally noticed what he had run into. “So this is the temple up close, huh. Looks cool.” He said admiring the height and drawings.

    As Antonio was admiring the temple, he heard low sounds of flapping from the entrance of the temple. Antonio smiled as he thought of what the sound could be. “Hmm… lets see flapping wings, dark abandon cave. That must be the sounds of a Zubat!” Antonio exclaimed. “Come on, Cranium lets go catch a Zubat, then I can train to grow into a powerful Crobat!” Antonio said excitedly as he rushed into the entrance of the cave.

    When he entered, he could tell it has been ransacked by the way the room was in ruins. Antonio started to explore around, battling two Digletts and dodging a Gastly on the way through the ruins. As he got near the stairs he saw that Cranium was walking funny and looking confused. He knew he just healed it with a Potion, so it should have been ok. He pulled out his PokeDex to check and make sure. As he read it, he seen that Cranium was at full health but he did notice he was confused. “What the heck happen to you,
    Cranium?” Antonio question worried.

    “Zuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” A Zubat screeched as he dove down on to Cranium’s head as it tried to use Leech Life. As soon as it sapped some energy from the dinosaur it was back airborne. Cranium didn’t even seem to notice.

    “Headbutt, Cranium!” Antonio ordered his Pokémon. Cranium got in the headbutt stance but instead of hit Zubat, it slammed hard into a wall. “Cranium you ok?” Antonio acquired as his Pokémon groaned in pain. Zubat flew down and performed another Leech Life. This time when he did it, Cranium grumbled in pain.

    “Cranium, snap out of it!”Antonio yelled at his Pokémon. Cranium shock it off the confusion and stood ready to fight. “Good job, Cranium. Now use Leer!” Cranium leered at the Pokémon, intimidating it. Zubat used it’s flapping wings to cause a Supersonic attack.
    “Dodge it, Cranium!” Antonio commanded. Cranium rolled out of the way, but as he rolled right into Zubat’s Leech Life attack. As he drained Cranium, Cranium used Headbutt and rushed into a wall with Zubat still attached causing him to take major damage and let go.

    “Zuuuuuu!” The Pokémon screeched in immersive pain. “Great job, Crainum.” Antonio said surprised how the Pokémon came up with the attack on his own. He looked at his Cranidos and knew even without checking the PokeDex, that Cranium was on his last leg. “Ok, Cranium while he is still in pain, Headbutt!” Cranium charged with the rest of his energy and connected his head with Zubat sending him flying. While Zubat was still airborne, Antonio flung a pokeball at it, hitting it on its left wing. Red light engulfed the Zubat before falling to the ground shaking.

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