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    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    Last year the newest update was a complement dex released. It allowed you to catch any Pokemon that weren't in the normal version's Pokedex. Pokemon in this include Charmander, Yamask, Frillish, Vanillite, Sheildon, Seedot, etc. Also I completed the complement dex tonight, the Elite Four rematches are difficult in this version, especially Bertha's Swampert. Also for the person wondering about the music in the game it's the same as Pokemon Emerald. Additionally it has Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green music that was in Emerald too. The Hall of Fame music however is FR/LG's and battling the Mysterious Man has the Champion music of FR/LG.
    I it's the Complement Version for me then. Had me at Vanillite.

    EDIT: Darn; not of me to ask this but I reached a problem getting this to work. Ironic seeing how I managed to play it before.

    "Failed! Input checksum is invalid." is when I patch it with Tsukuyomi. If PM's are more suitable to reach for help, I'll do so. Just PM me or can anyone can help me out.
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