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You know. Those games that are only released in Japan? And they NEVER get localized? Or it just takes too long for them to get that treatment? Yeah. Those games. Stop hogging the good stuff, Japan!

So basically, what are some games that you think should be localized? Doesn't matter how old! In addition to this question though, what are some games you think got the shaft when they were localized? It could be graphical changes or dialog changes. If it bothered you, tell us! Anything else you would like to comment on in terms of localization, or Japan releasing games (or gaming accessories or even specially designed consoles) that don't become international, discuss it here!

I'm gonna just come out and state the obvious, but Mother 3 should have been localized. I think the team that translated the game did an AMAZING job and I thank them for it. I love them. Don't tell them. But even still, it sucks that it's a portable game and I can't have it in portable form. But hey, just getting to play the game is good enough for me. As much as I'd love it to be localized, even though GBA games are two generations old at this point, I think that had Nintendo of America translated it, it might have lost a few good things. idk I think it's awesome seeing a princess swearing in a GBA title haha. But that would have obviously been removed in international releases. Looks like I answered both my questions I posed, in a sense. Kinda gave the pros and cons to localizing Mother 3.

I'd also like to play Pokemon Green in normal English, not that crazy translation lol. If that counts anyway.

Hopefully I didn't overlook an already existing localization topic in here!

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