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02:06:22: <Xelarator> This is yoour girlfriend isnt it Alex?
02:06:31: <Asuna> Umm
02:06:31: <Asuna> idr
02:06:35: <Asuna> I have loads of girlfriends
02:06:38: <Asuna> Anna are we together?
02:06:43: <anna> We're in love I think
02:06:48: <anna> idk if we're actually together
02:06:52: <Asuna> Oh cool :D
02:06:56: <Asuna> Do you want to be?
02:06:59: <anna> sure~
02:07:09: <Asuna> woop woop ♥
02:07:11: <Xelarator> your welcome
02:07:12: <Asuna> BE JEALOUS *****ES
02:07:15: <anna> :3
02:07:24: <Xelarator> wait i thought you were Gay Alex
02:07:31: <Asuna> I am
02:07:33: <Asuna> o3o
02:07:36: <Xelarator> ok.........

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