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I wont start till im accepted tho

Username/Trainer Name: Zagan (when i restart, im naming myself Zagan)
Ultimate: not for now
Game(s): White

Triple edit: Started again (still same info as above)

  • Acquired Snivey
  • Battled Chen and Bianca for the first time, I was nice, they got to keep their new pokemon
  • got the stuff from Juniper and The boss (mom) and started journey, beat up some wild pokemon
  • got to Accumala Town, looked around the Pokemon Centre, No Pokemon to steal
  • Battled some random nutjob called N after listening to some other Nutjobs calling themselves Team Plasma
  • Traveled through route 2, beat up a few trainer pokemon, nothing special to steal
  • Battled Bianca for the second time, stole her Oshawott
  • tried looking for the gym leader, met Chen again, battled him and stole his tepig
  • traveled to the dreamyard, beat up some more trainer pokemon, nothing but Purrlions, Patrats and Lillipups, nothing worth stealing >.<
  • Acquired a Panpour
  • currently in training to take the first gym by storm
Update 2:
  • Got the first badge, stole Chili's pansage
  • tried being noble, saved a Munna from team plasma and beat a couple of grunts silly. during this fight Panpour got free, damn monkey
  • travelled onwards from Striaton City to Route 3, beat some trainers and stole another Panpour