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    It is my last update for Kanto also! They were way underlevelled, but it was still easy. I'm also going to upload the Champion Battle onto Youtube, for now i have a screen shot.

    -Doused Blaine's fire.
    -Went to One, Two and Three Islands'.
    -Ground Giovanni to mere pebbles for the third time.
    -Beat Shine (Rival).
    -Got my badges checked (Like a boss xP).
    -Bought 60+ Items.
    -Entered into Lorelei's room and Froze her passion.
    -Sheer force brought Bruno down.
    -Poisoned Agatha's thoughts of me.
    -The Mighty Dragons fell to me.
    -Battled Shine! Lost!
    -Battled him again! And destroyed him!

    Okay now the ratings. MVP, LVP, Co-MVP and Other time.

    MVP: This spot definitely goes to Dissolver, my Vaporeon. The amount of times this guy saved me, i cannot count. His moveset just made it a whole lot easier. I'm so glad i went him instead of a Tentacruel. Also, 31 HP IV!!

    Co-MVP: Beast the Blastoise. He definitely showed his use but lost the place for MVP in the E4. He just wasn't doing as well as the others. But he definitely had a huge movepool. For all of Kanto, he was the MVP. Then he was the Co-MVP when it was E4 time.

    LVP, E4 + Champion MVP: Chomp the Gyrados.... His attack was montrous! even with a Sassy Nature! But he could never show it with that crappy movepool that only proved use E4 time! He did badly ever since i got Ferry. But he was definitely the best pokemon for the E4, with access to Double Edge, Dragon Dance and Earthquake, man did he sweep! If only he had them Pre-E4.

    Other, E4 Co-MVP: Ferry the Lapras. He was very useful! Excellent movepool! Absolutely EXCELLENT! Hydro Pump, Shock Wave, Ice Beam and Psychic, he was definitely a force to be reckoned with. He almost nipped Co-MVP but just missed out.

    FINAL TEAM (Kanto):

    Ferry The Lapras, Lv. 51
    Dissolver The Vaporeon, Lv. 51
    Chomp The Gyrados, Lv. 51
    Beast The Blastoise, Lv. 55

    And with that, i move on to Johto! Probably do an Original or Soul Silver.

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