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Originally Posted by Vato View Post
EDIT: While grinding in Route 1, I found a Lv.11 Pidgeotto :O
I managed to catch it before it finished crusing my team of Lv.5-10 Pokes.
I'll give it a well deserved nickname: Killer!
As DJG mentioned, it's one of the easter eggs =D
Try to find level 15 Zangoose in the next route and you can have true killer =D

Originally Posted by jstolze View Post
Nice hack, DJG. How long did it take to make this? I ask because it was only posted earlier this week, so... Imagine what can be accomplished in another week. Or did you wait until you had a playable beta to post this?
You need to read
Originally Posted by DJG
if I'm dead bored, instead of doing nothing, I hack. I started this hack on mid-January, 2012, by the way...
Something like that cannot be done in one week even if you were to hack 24/7.

Originally Posted by dyee View Post
The guy trying to find a Natu is telling me that a girl inside the cave will give me Flash. I can't find her anywhere. Am I the only one stuck with this?
She's inside. You need to move forward and you will meet her because she's blocking the way.

Originally Posted by dyee View Post
And by the way, you guys are all getting different starters from the Eevee exchange. I got a Torchic.
It seems it depends on when you go there :D
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