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    Hmmm, not sure what I did wrong, but for some reason, all of my flight spots on the maps have disappeared. I think I didn't follow the flight table portion correct. The Pokemon Center Healing works perfectly however.

    Edit - The part I had to replace data (I had put all FF in those spots) at 0x3EEC98 didn't work for some reason. So I just placed it in my extended table.
    Thanks for the tutorial! Very much appreciated.

    Edit 2 - Lol, well now only my new flight spot works throwing me into into trees where I'm stuck, hahaha and all the others give me a black screen. I'll get back to this later.

    Edit 3 - Got everything working now. There's was no need for me to repoint the Flight Data which was for some reason giving me problems to repoint. 30 flight spots should be enough for my hack. Thanks once again.

    Edit 4 - Also using the JPAN engine, I noticed that at seahealingplace Pointer 0xBFD80, 98EC3E08 does not exist. I can only find 98EC3E08 at the other offset.

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