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    Ok so, my Save file crashed and i had to start over from the Rock tunnel so what I did:

    > Get to lavender
    > Get to Celadon
    > Beat Erika
    > Got Fly
    > Beat Giovanni
    > Beat Pokemon Tower
    > Got Poke Flute
    > Got to Fushia
    > Beat Koga

    So now to the Update!

    After i beat Koga i went south and Caught myself my final Team member! Tentacool.
    I Named him Kraken and moved on. I Trained him up to the same levels as my other guys, and then went to Saffron.
    I beat the fighting mini-gym and the walk right into Silph. co
    I remember this place as my home, i almost directly walked to Gussi and beat him, Easily.
    Giovanni was even easier, being solo'd by Marijuana.

    Warning REALLY big

    Then i also went to Saffron gym, defeated all the trainers and Sabrina too, despite being weak to her...


    After Sabrina i felt i wanted to do some grinding, namely, get all my guys to lv 50.
    So thats what I did, some lerned new moves the reat is pretty much the same.
    So I surfed down to Cinnabar and entered the Pokemon Mansion, still, because this is a game i have played since i was like 4 or 5, i remeber this place throughly.
    So it wasn't so hard for me to get the Secret Key.
    About the gym..... Kraken pretty muc solo'd the whole gym.


    Ehem...... i also went and beat Giovanni for the final time, destroying Team rocket!


    Pokemon League HERE I COME.

    Ok so, yes im done with Blue and i'll be moving on to Crystal, but not untill after this weekend.
    So i went towards the Leauge and met with Gussi, and i bested him once again, even killing his Charizard with Marijuana cX
    I went through the guards and into the Victory Road.
    Still, i remember this place to well as well. I had no problem navigating the dungeon and defeated all the trainers on he way.
    I Grinded up all my guys to lv 55 and Continued on to the Pokemon leauge....

    Lorelei was no match for Hornyqueen, as she carries Thunderbolt.
    The only one i had troubles with was her Jynx, but SuicideKid took care of Jynx and Lapras.

    Bruno was even easier, Barbaras just destroyed all his fighting types, while Hornyqueen took care of the Onixes.

    Against Agatha, i decided to use Kraken, just because he is.... good? .__.
    Well, Kraken killed Gengar, Haunter and Golbat. And Hornyqueen Arbok and the other Gengar.

    Lance was pretty easy too. Hornyqueen took care of Gyarados and Aerodactyl, while Kraken beat the Dragons.

    And then, the champion, Gussi. My Rival.
    Well, as i was a little bit overlvld for having 5 Pokemon, i decided to make the battle more fair-
    Who am i kidding? i Destroyed him.
    Hornyqueen beat Pideot wit Thunderbolt, Exeggutor with Fire Blast (Although, he was annoying with that Hypnosis...) and Gyarados with Thunderbolt.
    SuicideKid Beat Alakazam and Kraken Rhydon.
    I Wanted to make it more fun so i Used Marijuana against Charizard, which worked well! Just because of Toxic/Leech Seed combo... ''


    Don't ***** about the Play time. Just, Don't.

    Now for MVPs etc.

    My Team:

    Marijuana lv 55

    Body Slam
    Leech Seed
    Razor Leaf

    MVP: Yeah. I have to give this to Marijuana, He was pretty much the heart of the team and He was very strong almost all of the time. He almost always stayed alive, and i could always count on him. And he prety much teared though everything in his path so yea.
    Elite Four LVP: Yup, the best can also be the worst. Well, its not that, i guess.... if I had USED him in the elite four this may not be.
    I didn't use him untill the very last pokemon, Charizard, so yea, i considered him pretty useless in the Elite Four.

    Hornyqueen lv 57

    Rock Slide

    Elite four MVP: Well, with all those coverage moves its to be expected... Hornyqueen was just so good inte elite four, because she had so many uses!
    She could basicly kill everything and everyone with all those super effective moves.

    Barbaras lv 55

    Wing Attack
    Confuse Ray

    LVP: Well.... Golbat just didn't cut it. i first decided to use him because i wanted someone with Fly, and when i realised he cant learn it, I Saw it as too late.
    Well, he was good against bruno, but that wasn't enough for me to not put him here. I will also put him as: Co. Elite Four LvP.

    SuicideKid lv 55

    Dream Eater
    Confuse Ray
    Night Shade

    Co. LVP: I mostly just wanted to try haunter, then realising how limited his movepool is. i got stuck with these attacks the whole game and that just wasnt enough for me. Sorry Pal.

    Kraken lv 56

    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam

    Co. MVP: I was not disappointed with Kraken at all, i allways knew that Tentacruel is a great pokemon! i did not prove myself wrong. He was awesome and basicly winning every game. This is one of the pokemon im going to use mostly during these Monotype runs. He is also my Co. Elite Four MVP



    Kanto - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova
    Emerald, might do Ultimate later

    Diamond: Nuzlocke Challenge

    Extreme Solo: Lickitung/Lickilicky - HeartGold
    Solo Challenge: Gengar - Platinum