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    Tools/language used to develop

    An introduction to your project
    This project began because we saw a need for a complete Pokemon experience in a massively multiple online world. Other projects have attempted to bring the full Pokemon experience to a MMORPG layout but have left a great deal to be desired. We plan on exceeding previous projects and bringing even more unique experiences to the world of Pokemon.

    The plot
    PokeMMO is based currently off of the FireRed version of pokemon. We strive to bring about the closest feel as possible to the FireRed version possible. There is not much else to describe as far as plot is concerned.


    World Data:
    • Kanto region (Completed 100%)
    • Map connections (Completed 100%)
    • Npc spawns (Completed 100%)
    • Wild encounter rates (Completed 100%)
    • Signpost spawns (Completed 90%)
    • World scripting (Inprogress 50%)
    Graphics Engine:
    • Support for animated tiles (Completed 90%)
    • Support for basic player customization (Completed 100%)
    • Cliff jump animation (Completed 100%)
    • Move animations (Inprogress 50%)
    • Warp/Door animations (Not Started 0%)
    Combat Engine:
    • Wild encounters (Completed 100%)
    • Escaping from battles (Completed 100%)
    • Battle support for Moves (Completed 100%)
    • Battle support for Switching (Completed 100%)
    • Battle support for Items (Inprogress 75%, Needs support for all item types)
    • PvP Battles (Inprogress 75%, Needs GUI for accepting/declining PvP requests.)
    • Trainer Battles (Completed 100%, Needs support for using next pokemon)
    Pokemon Data:
    • Pokemon Data (Completed 100%)
    • EV Support (Completed 100%)
    • IV Support (Completed 100%)
    • Move learning (Completed 100%)
    • Nature support (Completed 100%)
    • Evolution support (Inprogress 50%, No animation or ability to cancel. No support for more complicated evolution types.)
    • Ability support (Not Started 0%)
    Npc Data:
    • Npc Spawns (Completed 100%)
    • Npc interacting (Inprogress 75%)
    Move Data:
    • Move Data (Inprogress 75%)
    • Incombat usage (Inprogress 50, Basic skill type support, advanced skills need more work)
    • Out of combat usage (Not Started 0%)
    Item Data:
    • Item Data (Completed 100%)
    • Inventories (Completed 100%)
    • Incombat usage (Inprogress 75%, Needs support for all item types)
    • Out of combat usage (Inprogress 75%, Needs support for all item types)
    Sound Engine:
    • Sound support (Inprogress 75%, Most underlying sound engine is complete. Sounds (Excluding background music) need completed.)
    Screenshots / Videos

    Beginning Town

    Pokemon Battle

    Chat Window


    Players Pokedex

    Ingame Settings

    Symbol for in a wild pokemon battle

    A PokeMMO worth playing