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The Joint Post, Sovereign x Bloodthirster

"So much pride! Now I'll make you eat dirt!"

Bloodthirster ignored his taunt once again, focusing his senses on the battle. They collided with a nasty sound and the Tyranitar immediately landed his fangs deep into his shoulder. He roared in pain as blood dripped out; the brimming fire on his claws grew bigger with his rage as he tried to impale his opponent in the gut. The tips of his claws managed to pierce Sovereign's armor just enough to make him release his jaws. Sovereign jumped back. He wasn't a tactical genius but he wasn't stupid.

Sovereign saw some of the Ancients begin to move in to attack Bloodthirster. "Stay out of my way! I will not have you ruining our fight!" He then slammed his feet into the ground causing an earthquake. It had taken out all the Ancients in the immediate vicinity. "There. Now no one will get in our way" he said as he rushed the dragon with a stone in hand.

Bloodthirster got up on his two back feet, leaning forwards as Sovereign jumped back the moment his claws pierced through his armour. Ancients moved towards him, but the Tyranitar took immediate action.

"Stay out of my way! I will not have you ruining our fight!" He caused an earthquake by slamming his feet on the ground, causing it to crack, taking out the ancients nearby. A slight grin unfolded on the Salamence's face.
He doesn't want to kill me, he just wants to fight, he thought as he eyed the Sentinel.

"There. Now no one will get in our way" Sovereign charged again with a stone in hand; Bloodthirster's body was ignited in sacred flames in a dragon rush. He spread his massive wings, ignoring the pain on his shoulder and the next moment, he rushed towards the Tyranitar, flying right above the ground at high speed.

The two collided with massive force. Sovereign became engulfed in the flames and could barely see his target.
Blood. He shoved the rock as hard as he could into the patch of blood in an attempt to take advantage of the opening he had created in Bloodthirster's hide. The Salamence grunted and took a step back as the stone pierced through his body, leaving a huge wound on his back. With his body still in flames, Bloodthirster tried to impale Sovereign with his claws on the exact same spot he struck the last time, where his armour had been pierced.

Bloodthirster's claws dug into Sovereign's armor, cracking the area around the injury. The pain was intense as his blood began to pump harder. "Do you know why I'm a Sentinel? I wasn't with the others when they traveled into the wilderness." His eyes began to turn yellow. "Me and you are more alike than you know, Bloodthirster." Sovereign became surrounded in a brilliant blue aura that seemed to radiate from his body. "I am a Sentinel because of my heritage!" The earth began to shake as dark energy crackled through the air. "Dragon's blood runs through my veins, Bloodthirster! It gives me strength!" He roared as he forced the dragon back with enormous force. "I'm going to crush you!"

The dragon backed off, recognizing the effects of the outrage - one of the most powerful techniques used only by the dragons, or those who had their blood running in their veins. He was well aware he could not compete with this tremendous force Sovereign was deploying; but he was known for his ability to improvise during a fight. Ragnaros decided to go all out as the Tyranitar was approaching again. He gathered his energy and unleashed a hydro pump with extreme pressure towards his opponent.

Sovereign was hit full force by the stream of water, but it did not phase him. He clearly was taking damage, but he felt no pain as he pushed through, inching closer as he resisted the force of the water. He tightened his fist slugged Bloodthirster as hard as he could in the face through the water. His mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of violence, and blood lust was in his eyes as he let out another roar.

The Salamence cut the hydro pump as Sovereign bashed his head. He let out a massive roar as he backed off even more; his final stand was over and the Tyranitar was standing above him. His claws ignited once again, but he didn't seem like he would attack his opponent.

'Go on and finish me. At least I'll have the honour of dying like a warrior. But when you Sentinels are done fighting us, who'll you be fighting then?'

Sovereign stared down at his opponent, his mind filled with rage.
Do it! He knew this voice. He hadn't heard it for years. Kill him! It was his father's voice. But how? His father was dead. Feed your blood lust! He tightened his fist and began to strike!

Next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground next to Bloodthirster. The outrage had ended and the hydro pump caught up to him. His head was throbbing. "Heh... Heheh... Aaahahahaha!" He burst out laughing. He hadn't had a fight that good in a long time. "Tell me something Ragnaros. Why do you fight for them? You seem so different from the others."

Bloodthirster blinked in surprise and looked at Sovereign next to him. He filled his lungs with air and tried to ease up the pain on his shoulder and head. The battle he just went through was the most intense of his life. Thoughts of the Gold Tribe and the Alpha Alliance begun circling around his mind. Bloodthirster knew that if Sovereign wanted to finish him off, he would call the ancients.

'It's easier to fight for a good cause. I may have different methods than the others in the Gold Tribe, but my ideals are the same,' he said and subtly flapped his wings. He could fly away, ignoring the pain, but he chose to stay a little longer. 'But I'm not going to explain all that... and you? Why do you fight for them? What do you find in the Silver Tribe that's so attracting to you?'

Sovereign pondered a moment. "Auron saved me from myself. I found purpose in joining him. I have much respect for him. I swore my allegiance to fight for his cause. Even if I wanted to leave the Silver Tribe, I cannot break my promise. I owe him too much." His head began to clear as he stood up. "I cannot guarantee the safety of your friends, but you should escape while you can. It would be a shame for an honorable warrior like yourself to end up dying in a place like this, or wind up in one of those disgusting torture houses. It's not fitting for one like you..." He paused for a moment. His sandstorm had subsided some time ago from the look of things.

Bloodthirster took a moment to think - the Sentinel was letting him go. Is he on our side? But he had no objections to Sovereign's decision. He eyed the Tyranitar as he got back onto his feet.

"I'd like to fight you again someday. So until we meet again," Sovereign turned his head to look back at Bloodthirster, "Try not to die!" He then unleashed another sandstorm being careful to aim it away from his new found rival as he moved on into the battlefield to check on his comrades.
I hope this is enough to prevent them noticing your escape, my friend. so long.

Ragnaros let out a laugh. I don't die too easily, fighting you again will be inevitable. He turned his head around, wondering what was that Sentinel was thinking. The dragon abruptly shook his head; he flapped his wings and kicked the ground, flying above the sandstorm.

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