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Kita Okata
Sacred Fire
Dining on the Transparent Tsukoyomi

"How's it taste?" asked Adline Densetsu as she started grabbing food from the table.

"Uh..." Kita started, with a noodle of Yakisoba hanging from his mouth. Kita slurped the noodle, and his face turned red. Although he'd known of Adeline, he's never actually spoken to her, and this was his first time ever actually talking to a member of the Divine Water family. Similarly, this was the second time he'd ever spoken to one of the princesses, so he was a little star-struck and was at a loss for words. Yasha barked at Kita, prompting for him to continue. He looked back to her and said, "It's good, really good. Then again, I'm not that good of a cook, so I usually eat ramen cooked in broth." Kita's face lit up again and he turned his face back to his yakisoba. "...You're okay with speaking to someone from the Sacred Fire family?" He asked, without removing his focus from his Yakisoba, though he looked up at her several times out of the corner of his eye, it was hard for him not to, she was a unique sight.

Yasha, being bored and adventurous as he was, went over to all of the fuss. A small girl was lying shivering and pale in the center of all of the people. Yasha had seen in his younger days that this was generally the result of being cold, something that wasn't native to him, being as sheltered as he was, and in a forge, no less. He moved in closer to the child and saw that it was pretty bad. He thought to embrace the child so as to lessen her pain, but he wasn't exactly sure what her problem was. He looked at the Ice Prince, who's demeanor was full of melancholy, and yet, he was still able to maintain his composure. Family members from either side were giving him looks, as if he were the one killing the girl, and he looked almost as if he'd just killed someone. Other family members were looking at the sculpture, assuming that the link was in there. Then, there were people like Kita, who were eating and ignoring the dilemma; it wasn't as if they weren't worried (though, that's not to say that they all were), but they were unable to ease the situation, and thus they just let the situation play out. Vulpix was also unable to help, despite his adept nature when it came to throwing flames, he would most certainly be unable to take down a sculpture of that size, and merely pouted. Then he saw the Princess of Light (a name Kita came up with for Hikari Densetsu). She rode on Hinata's back towards the sculpture, and though Yasha felt proud in that moment, he also felt weak and helpless.
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