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I'm shocked no one's mentioned Clannad yet. XD
Clannad - It's made me realise how much I take my family and friends for granted, in a way. Also, it shows a real perspective to life which you don't really see. It shows how we all live for something.
Ano Hana - A few of us go "I wish I was dead" sometimes and after watching this anime, I really don't want to. It changed a perspective to life and how to cherish it before it's too late.
When they Cry 1/2/3 - It shows us how again, we see death and how much we cherish our friends and family. Keiichi shows how his friends are important and Battler shows how his family is important and therefore, fights with death at the end of it all.

And apparently Graceful is still alive after a very long hiatus ♥
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