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    Richard Lee Ambrose

    Richard stepped off the ferry onto the shores of the mythical Pandora, watching the other 'hunters' rush off to begin their explorations, but not one of them seemed to have any appreciation for the gravitass of just where they were.

    This was Pandora. A place of legend that up until a short time ago was believed to be non-existant. They were standing on a myth so unlikely, so intangible, it could fall away from under them at any moment. And so it seemed to be that Richard, at sixty three years old, was the only one to stop before setting off on his great adventure and look around. With a broad grin on his face he took in the sights, the sounds, the smells and marvelled at his good fortune. And then a bushy tail slapped him in the face.


    Richard sighed, brushing the tail away. He had been provided with a Sentret by Laughner, and the poor creature had been atrociously ill for the duration of the ferry trip, refusing point blank to enter its pokeball. He had tried giving it space, carrying it, stroking it, but for some reason the only thing that seemed to make the little creature feel any better was riding around on top of Roger's head. It lended to lie on its stomach, giving him the appearance of wearing an odd tailed-cap, much like how explorers were often depicted.

    "Are you alright up there?"
    "Well, I suppose you want me to get a move on."
    "Tretsen sentret."

    ...Well, whatever it was saying, he couldn't just stand around. It was time to start on the adventure he had been waiting his entire life for. Double checking that his backpack was secure Richard set off into Pandora, eager to see what awaited him. Would it be everything he had expected?

    ...Well, he certainly hadn't expected this. In the short time since Pandora's discovery the place had been practically colonised, with quickly assemled dwellings and vendor stands. Although not what he had expected his first destination on Pandora to be, a merchant was a good beginning. Laughner had provided them with some supplies, but really only enough for one (two at the most) days trek through the wilderness. It seemed unlikely that all of Pandora was so well populated with other people, who knew when else he would have a chance to stock up on food and water?

    Approaching the stall Richard could see that the merchant was currently occupied with one of the other passengers, so he decided to examine the available merchandise while he waited his turn. He'd had very little experience with the other hunters during the journey here, younger people rarely made time for old geezers like himself. Half the time they didn't even notice him.

    He took a cursory glance through the merchants stock until his eyes were drawn to a glyph, and some kind of rock. They both seemed a little out of place amongst the more practical items on offer.

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