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The boy who sits lazily in the garden, and most definitely is Vieve's twin brother Gavin, does not seem to approve at all of you waving his prized porn magazine in the air in front of him. First a look of sheer disbelief. Then an urgent rubbing in the eyes from thinking he has been zoning out in the sun for too long. Or maybe he is still drunk. Not that he ever drinks, of course. Or maybe he does. You wouldn't know.

And then the anger comes. He clearly believes that it's Vieve doing something and that she threatens to show their mother that he keeps this stuff. Jumping up, he throws his hands in the air, trying to grab what you are holding. He follows you with annoyed curses to wherever you decide to drop his goods.

((OOC: don't take him away from their home though. You should rather make him go inside))

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