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    Originally Posted by ShaQuL View Post
    I followed all your instructions about 5 times already and this is what I try to

    and this is what I get:

    What am I doing wrong? :c
    I tested your tileset and it's fine and i checked it looked good :

    any way i'll tell you what have i done exactly
    1)Make a tilemap using ntme as i explained in the tut
    2)insert them to unlz-gba
    3)opened Ape and entered 00393210 this offset
    4)opened my tileset with Irfanview and increase color depth to 256 8Bpp and export palette and DONT SAVE!
    5)import the palette you exported in APE and click replace and then load
    6)test your rom
    if it still didnt work send me your tilemap maybe the problem is from it and i'll be glad to help
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