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Originally Posted by Vera View Post
Nothing to people who have watched a lot of anime, but I don't. I've watched very little anime, particularly mainstreams like Bleach and Naruto who I'm presuming all take place in Japan. I started a couple of years ago. I tried watching few anime which I only found dubbed and I honestly hated the dubbing. It's probably a case of not watching a lot of anime outside of Japan that I said that, but yes, I can't really picture an anime character speaking English.

Do you recommend any good English-dubbed anime -- with voices that actually complement the characters?
Baccano, Eden of the East, Summer Wars (which has an all-star cast) and Cowboy Bebop; the first of which you have to watch in English. There are very few English dubs that I say are so authentic that they completely outdue the Japanese one, but Baccano fits the bill.
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