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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
Going off of memory on those Japanese cards, as it's getting late and I don't feel like hunting down prices right now, I think Dark Machamp and Dark Slowbro would fetch between $2 and $4, while Pichu and Blaine's Arcanine would catch $4 to $6, and Rocket's Mewtwo would probably fetch $5 to $7. Remind me to get back to you on those later.

As for the sets, it depends on whether it's all unlimited print (without the 1st edition stamp, which is a black circle with a 1 in it), all 1st edition, or a mixture of the two.
BASE SET, JUNGLE SET, neither are first edition, except the Machamp card is first edition.

I also have 60/62 FOSSIL SET, none first edition. 2 cards missing are Holographic Dragonite, and none holographic Hypno. Am I best selling these holographics individually and giving away the none holographics?

Also have holographic Charizard, and holographic Dark Charizard neither are first edition.
Holographic Dark Gyarados, 8/82, not first edition.
Holographic Dark Alakazam, 1/82, Non-holographic dark alakazam 26/82., neither first edition

Are base set twos worth anything? I have a few of them, including base set 2 holographic Nidoqueen.

Gym Challenge
28/132 - Lt. Surge's Jolteon
30/132 - Sabrina's Golduck

Are there any webpages with up to date guides to save you helping all the time.