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    Sakimoto Makoto
    Teruyoshi Mizushima

    Makoto was greeted friendly by Teruyoshi, to his relief. Most people remembered him, but it had been a while since they last spoke, and even then they were barely aquantences.

    "Ah, Sakimoto-san! It's been a while. How goes things? I see your link has evolved! Enjoying the festivities?"

    Makoto smiled, his mouth barely visible under his helmet. He took it off to be polite. His blond, curly ponytail drooped below his shoulders. Placing his helmet on his hip and holding it in place with his hand, he properly greeted Teruyoshi.

    "Please, Sakimoto-san was my father. Call me Makoto-san! Things are going good, though my mother has a slight fever."

    Teruyoshi took a swig of sake as Makoto-san replied. Seishin stood still and listened intently.

    "Ah, I am sorry to hear about your mother Makoto-san. I hope she is well soon." Teruyoshi gave a little bow to show his sincerity.

    Makoto gestured towards Kaisho with his free hand. Kaisho proudly let out a puff of smoke, and raised his head a little higher. His conciousness emitted a warm feeling of happiness. He had always dreamed of being a Salamence. He extended his telepathy to include Teruyoshi and Seishin, a rare occurence. His deep voice hummed through their minds. Makoto wasn't surprized to see Teruyoshi flinch slightly when Kaisho's mind pressed on his. Some were not used to having anyone but their link directly connect with them. Kaisho didn't completely link with Teruyoshi and Seishin, however, he only "spoke". They couldn't feel each others emotions and thoughts, just "hear" what Kaisho said.

    Greetings, Honorable-Warrior-Teruyoshi-Kun. Little shorter than a fortnight ago I have changed. I have always dreamed of the moment members of both family can see me as a mighty dragon.

    Kaisho extended his wings out, almost blocking the moonless, starry night sky from Makoto and Teruyoshi's view. He pulled them back in and hummed. Ever since he had gotten his wings, Kaisho had been acting more justified than usual. Makoto cut him some slack, he was proud of his link. Makoto put his helmet back on, leading his hair through the back of it. His helemt covered down to his nose, and cast a shadow over the lower part of his face. His teeth were barely visible as he smiled.

    "I am glad to hear that Kaisho-san and might I add what an impressive dragon you have become." It was then that Seishin stepped forward and bowed to both Makoto and his link.

    It is a pleasure to see the both of you again. Makoto had never directly communicated with a link outside his Mother's and Kaisho, who were family. Seishin's "voice" sounded distant, and more like a dream than reality.

    Teruyoshi chuckled before saying, "Talkative as usual Seishin. Anyway Makoto-san! You look like you're in dire need of a drink!" Seishin gave a sigh at his links sudden joviality.

    He motioned towards the alcohol, or stake as many called it, Teruyoshi included. Makoto usually wasn't a drinking person, but tonight was the festival. If any fights started here it was safe to say Sacred Fire was a little hazed too.

    Makoto smiled.

    "Shall we walk?" He turned in the direction of the venders, and started walking. Kaisho was beside him, his tail swinging back and forth slowly. Teruyoshi walked beside Makoto. Seishin lagged behind slightly eating the last of the food he had gathered earlier.

    The crowds were thinner nearer the back and as such it was less of a fight to move through. Those that registered Makoto's armour soon parted before him. Teruyoshi however had more trouble. He was consistently met with apologies as people finally noticed the blade hanging at his side. He dismissed such apologies with a pleasant smile and a polite bow of acknowledgement before moving on. It seemed weapons were as good at cutting through crowds as they were through enemies. Makoto found Teruyoshi almost overly polite, which was not a fault by any means.

    It was not long before they reached the stalls of the street vendors. The variety of foods and beverages was astounding.

    Seishin gently entered the other three's thoughts.

    It was most kind of the Densetsu's to put on such a spread for this celebration. I wonder how much the whole thing costs them? A monthly occurrence of this magnitude cannot be cheap.

    Teruyoshi spoke up, "It does the people good to relax Seishin. But rescources spent here are rescources that could have been used to strengthen our military. War will happen. Whether between ourselves and the Sacred Fire family or with outsiders....It is only a matter of time."

    Seishin entered their thoughts once more his voice cut through Teruyoshi's like a knife. To Makoto, it remained a foreign voice, almost alien. It is not war time yet Teruyoshi-san. Are you as pessimistic as my link Makoto-san?

    Makoto hadn't thought of this. Sure, there was always a lot of food in both sides of the familes, but this could feed Makoto and his mother for months. Not like they ever starved with Kaisho and Makoto bringing in Sawsbuck and deerling every week, but still, this was certainly a grand amount. Kaisho didn't think much about it, grabbing a roasted Emboar with his mouth. He carried it a few meters from the stall to allow others access, where he devoured it.

    Makoto was eager to join the conversation, and took his openening to join in.

    "Pessimistic? No. Realistic? Yes. While I realize tension is high in the Densetsu family, war does not simply begin. Our family has never gone to war, much less with itself. A catalyst is needed to start war, I believe. A human does not just simply wish to destroy others, and sacrifice their own blood for no reason whatsoever. There is no hate between our families, merely childish anger, suspision, paranoia, and fear. Nobody wants to die today, and nobody wants to kill either. My biggest wish is for this...conflict of come to an end. It does no good, and will slowly bring us even further apart. Many children already dislike the other side of the family, merely because they see the way we act. If we want the young people in our family to come to mindless vengeance and violence, we should acheive that in a decade, maybe sooner. If war does start, I will protect, but not hunt. My blade does not need any more blood on it."

    Makoto shivered as he remembered the time he killed his father's murderer. It was an accident, but it still woke him up at night. Kaisho had cut in too, and shared his own opinions.

    Makoto-kun and I share the same feelings. But I can see Teruyoshi's side as well. War isn't likely to happen so soon, but there is always a chance it will. We must be ready for that moment, even if it never comes.

    He finished his snack. Makoto grabbed his own rice wine, and as he lifted it to drink he heard a scream. Teruyoshi's mouth was opening to respond to Kaisho, but never got the chance. Makoto dropped his glass an instant later and turned to the source of the scream. It fell to the ground and shattered. Without a second thought, Makoto rushed towards the ice sculpture, where the sound originated from. Teruyoshi was just as fast, and he and Seishin bolted alongside Makoto. Kaisho followed in the sky, lifting off instanly.

    "Seishin! Run ahead and see what the hell is happening!" The lucario nodded and pulled ahead of the two men as they sprinted to the top of the plateau. Teruyoshi's hand held the hilt of his blade as he ran.

    Makoto started to lose ground to Teruyoshi, who ran without the weight of armor. Seishin left them in the dust, naturally, and Kaisho flew ahead. Makoto caught up to Teruyoshi as he slowed down. Makoto was barely winded, as he had been doing 3 to 4 hour cardio workouts every morning since he was 17 years old. He was able to control his breathing and his heart rate was only slightly elevated. But the situation at hand was elevated enough. Makoto had no idea what was going on. Teruyoshi had an idea, and shared his theory with Makoto.

    I can't be sure, but it seems that our lord Tsurara's little display earlier was not as harmless as it may have seemed. The girl over there, her link is nowhere to be seen and she looks as if she's just left an ice bath. Her link must be trapped in the sculpture! If they dont get it out soon then she'll freeze or suffocate along with it...Where the hell has Seishin got to?!"

    Seishin was kneeling on the ground and supporting a small, hunched figure. Teruyoshi gasped.

    "By Arceus! Is that...." He pointed to the hunched shape in Seishin's arms. Makoto couldn't tell...but it shared a striking resemblence to Seraphina-sama, the Sun Princess. Seishin sent out his thoughts.

    Teruyoshi! Makoto! The others have the ice sculpture handled! We need to help the Princess!

    Makoto looked at the ice. It was true, they were sending an Eevee in to save the link as they spoke. In the end, it really wasn't a choice.

    "Kaisho! The others have the rescue under control! Stay away! You'll just be in the way!"

    Kaisho responded with a roar, and veered back towards the princess. Makoto rushed to her side, Teruyoshi hot on his heels. Makoto knelt down beside the Princess. Teruyoshi arrived at the same time. He dropped to her side and gestured for Seishin to lay her down.

    He looked up at Seishin and asked,
    "What is wrong with her? How long has she been like this?" As Teruyoshi said this he pulled of his obi and rolled it to make and impromptu pillow, sliding it beneath the sun princess's head.

    I know little more than you. Seems to be a fever of some kind. Her temperature is much too high.

    "Damn it! I'm no healer...." Teruyoshi sighed as he tried to think. "We need to bring her temperature down. A cold towel on the head would do it. Seishin, go with Kaisho and see if there is any ice left unmelted to cool her down with! And find a bottle to fill with some water!"
    The two pokemon left. Seishin sprinting and Kaisho flying above.

    There wasn't much Makoto could do. He knew warm food and rest usually cured sickness, but thats as far as his knowledge on the subject went. Common sense told him cold water could cool her off, but Teruyoshi and Seishin were already on it. Kaisho went to help Seishin find some ice. All Makoto could do was wait, really.

    Sakimoto Kaisho

    Kaisho searched for chunks of ice he could bring back, but to no avail. Most of the ice was either melted or still comnected to the scuplture Tsurara-sama made. He didn't want to interrupt the rescue in progress, so cutting off his own peice was out. Something glittered down below. A big chunk of ice, almost as tall as Makoto, had fallen off the sculpture and slid towards the edge of the plateau on the slippery ground, wet from melted ice. It was quickly moving closer and closer to falling off.

    I need that ice! Princess-of-the-Sun-Seraphina-sama needs that ice!

    Kaisho tucked his wings in and dove. The ice slipped off before he could stop it.

    No no no no no no no NO!

    He veered off the plateau himself, accelerating at a high pace. He gained distance on the ice, which was nearing the ground. A split second from impact, he grabbed the ice in his jaws and pulled up. His claws scraped the ground as he flew by, and he pushed off the ground. He started rising towards the top of the plateau, but the ice in his mouth began to melt. His breath was heated by the flames in his body, and the ice was already half its original size.


    He started flying as fast as he could towards Makoto and Teruyoshi, who were looking after Seraphina-sama. The ice had dropped to the size of a grapefruit, and was steadfast in its melting. He kicked in his last bit of momentum, and skidded to a halt right behind the humans. He dug his claws into the ground and flared his wings, straining every muscle in his body to come to his halt. He spat out the ice, now apple sized, and pushed it towards Makoto with his tail. Makoto quickly wrapped it in a cloth and placed it on her forehead. She was still awake, but very ill. Her eyes fluttered and her skin broke out into sweats. She was still hot, and needed water. Seishin appeared seconds later, water cantine in hand. Teruyoshi took it and poured the contents into The Princesses mouth. She swallowed, and her temperature stopped rising. Kaisho panted, wishing he himself could sweat. He was already short breathed from his flight, as his muscles were not fully developed and his heart not accustomed to such extreme aerobatics. He laid down and put his wings over his head, trying to rest and preserve his strength, need it be called for again.


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