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Thieves Forest- The Decreement

Zane listened to TrueStriker silently. He didn’t give a detailed explanation, but from what he could gather, Roswell had betrayed them. He turned to Roswell, to see him with a cold expression, but beyond that nothing much. But it was enough for Zane to understand that what he was saying was true. Thoughts began racing into Zane’s head. What had he done? Had he just led his brothers and sisters to their deaths? His stomach lurched as he could only imagine what had happened.

Roswell had only to give a single signal to the rest of his thieves pouring in the top of the Decreement, and they would have attacked on sight. But as TrueStriker walked to the other three, he prepared to teleport. Roswell sighed and decided to let them go. He had done what the Sentinels had asked, and he wanted no further bother with any of them.


Thieves Forest- Ambush Site

Scar saw the Golduck fall to the ground, but as he staggered up, he was surprisingly smiling. He titled his head slightly, unsure of what had happened. “Did I miss something? Is there something you find amusing here?” Scar asked, visibly annoyed. Defender began to speak, and Scar was sure he must have been hit in the head or something, because what he began saying didn’t seem quite right. But the more he was saying, the more it actually began to worry him. The strange thing was that there seemed to be some accurate truth in what he said, right? No, that couldn’t be right. The Sentinels were a team, a team in their own right, but they showed affection differently.

“You’re insane.” Scar said. Just as he said thing, the Golduck brought his own neck to Scar’s hand. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Then, what he said next, actually made a bit of sense. If Scar took out the other two right now, things would be so much easier. He took a look at the ones to the right, fighting their own opponents, then back at Defender. Now it was him who was having trouble thinking. Two options were in his head, but an overpowering sensation of what would happen should Auron find out about this all suddenly filled him. There was genuine fear in his eyes as he thought, and shook his head. “You are insane.” He said again, lifting up his arms and preparing to strike. Just as he was about to land his blows, however, he was suddenly impacted from behind and flung away. It was Dark Lightning, standing shakily on his feet, panting heavily. On his back he carried Hoodhide, who was still unmoving, whether unconscious or dead, it was at that moment unsure.

Lyn took in a deep breath as she looked over her opponent, the Inferno. It was usually suicide to face a Sentinel alone, but given their current position, she didn’t have many other options. She decided to hit first, running at the Typhlosion. In an immediate reaction, the Inferno unleashed a Flamethrower. Lyn dodged left and right, using her swift legs and arms to keep out of the way of the intense heat. A bit of the Flamethrower barely passed over her head as she tried to close the gap, and even if she wasn’t hit, she could feel the intensity of the heat from the attack. She finally was close enough to launch her own attack, slashing him with her right claw. The Inferno made no attempt to dodge the attack, but instead seemed to take it. But despite Lyn’s renowned strength among the tribe, it looked like it hardly shook her opponent at all. Lyn then realized what he was doing, allowing her to come this close. The Inferno prepared his attack, and Lyn, in a last second ditch effort, used Agility to try to get out of there, but to no avail. The Inferno unleashed a Fire Blast, right directly at the area Lyn was in. Because of her quick thinking, she was able to escape the bulk of the attack, but it didn’t matter, as whatever remained was still enough to fling her back as if she was a doll. Lyn landed on the ground a few meters away, a burn mark developing on her arm. She clutched it, gritting her teeth in pain, but refused to get up. Lyn looked to see that the Inferno was already on his approach again, and began unleashing a torrent of Flamethrower directly at her. She moved as fast as she could, avoiding the attack as she encircled the battlefield, yet she could feel the heat catching up to her. Eventually, it caught her, and her entire body seared with pain. She was severely hurt, and fell to the ground with a thud. Lyn struggled to get up, unable to feel parts of her body from the attacks. The Inferno silently walked to Lyn’s body, as she continued to struggle. She made glances between her body and him, until he was right above her, the same cold demeanor on his face as he lifted his arm and prepared to finish her. She couldn’t understand it. How could one single Pokemon have so much power? It was unreal. The Inferno took in a breath, and all at once released an immense Blast Burn right in front of Lyn. In a last minute ditch effort, Lyn used her family’s signature Thunder barrier from the sky. Because of their close distance, as the Thunder past in between them, the very light of it flashed at Inferno’s eyes, causing him to temporarily be blinded by the attack. Lyn took this opportunity to retreat further away from this monster, running as best she could, while clutching her left arm, which hung lifeless at her side.

Speculum was having trouble, mostly even getting to Sentry, who kept leading him further away from the main portion of the battle, and by the time he realized what exactly he was doing, he had already begun his retreat back, and Sentry then sprang onto the attack, as well as dozens of nearby Ancients. Speculum unleashed a Razor Leaf upon them as he kept running back. He dared not even try to see the damage he caused, for fear of seeing how close Sentry was from behind. He knew the rumors. The fastest of the Sentinels. A Kabutops and Omastar were in from of him, and Speculum used a Leaf Blade on the two, trying to keep on running so that Sentry doesn’t get a chance to strike back. Making a mistake, Speculum decided to turn back to see how far away Sentry was, only not to see him at all. He found it strange, unsure of where the Sentinel went. Had he gone to pursue a different target? But as he turned in front again, he saw the Scizor right in front of him, and before he could parry at all, he was struck by a Crush Claw, and then again by another. Speculum tried to defend himself, but the attacks came at such a high velocity, that he was never given a chance. Strike after strike was hit by Sentry, until Speculum was too damaged and too worn out to put up his arms to defend himself. Sentry took the advantage, beating down Speculum, and just as he was about to go in for another set, he was suddenly attacked from behind by Calamity, who struck him with enough force to send him back into the crowd of Sentinels. Calamity helped him up, and the two of them ran back over to the others, who seemed to be all gathered together.

As Ragnaros flew in from the side, Lyn took a look at the Gold Tribe around. They were all in pretty bad shape after fighting the Sentinels. Hoodhide seemed to be out of commission completely, either dead or unconscious. Speculum was badly bruised. Ragnaros had a few cuts here and there, but was relatively alright. She wondered how long they would actually be able to hold off another wave of a fight with apparently four Sentinels.

“So, what now?” Speculum asked. Lyn didn’t answer, nobody did for a moment. What could she tell them? This was most likely the end of them as they knew it. But she knew she had to answer somehow. Talk about dying honorably and protecting each other and the Alpha Alliance to their last breaths. That was the way of the Gold Tribe, right? Sacrifice. Lyn just didn’t think it would all end like this. She took a deep breath and spoke, but before she did, someone else intervened.

“Now, you run.” Dark Lightning said. Lyn looked at him strangely. She was unable to see his face because he stood in front of them, looking off to where the Inferno slowly recovered from the temporary blindness Lyn inflicted.

“It’s pointless, we’ll never get far enough. They’ll catch up anyways.” Calamity said back to him.

“Not if I stay behind and hold them off while you get out of here.” Dark Lightning replied calmly. Lyn turned to Dark Lightning, as did Calamity. “What are you saying?” She asked him, as if not understanding what he was doing.

“I’m saying that we can’t have all of this be for nothing. If we all die here, then the Alpha Alliance won’t have a chance. They need you.”

“But…but why do you have to stay?!” Speculum demanded.

“Because I’m already dead.” He said, turning around to face them, showing them his front side for the first time. Lyn’s eyes opened wide as she saw him. Between his front legs was a large hole from the Inferno’s previous attack. It seemed to go deep into his body. The wound was no doubt fatal, and it caused Lyn to wonder how he was even standing on his feet. Dark Lightning gave the others a smile. “I’ve lived a long life. Over my years, I have served with the best of them. I fought alongside Rey, and before that his father in his later years too. But over the years, I’ve lost many friends, especially in this war. Now…it’s time for me to go see them again. Let me do this, brothers and sisters. Let me draw my last breath as any Gold Tribe member should.”

No one else spoke for a moment. Lyn knew what she had to do, but she didn’t want to do it. She didn’t want to leave her brother behind. Dark Lightning looked back at the Sentinels, who were already heading to this direction, as well as the massive amount of Ancients. His expression suddenly changed. “Go…GO you fools! It’ll be your only chance! Head into the forest, try to find TrueStriker and the others, and teleport out of here! Go! And don’t look back! NOW!”

At the sound of Dark Lightning’s yelling, something snapped in Lyn, and she began to run, as did the others. Calamity removed Hoodhide's body off of his back and put him on his own. Lyn dared not take a look back, knowing that if she did, she would want to stay behind and fight with Dark Lightning to the bitter end. It took all the patience she could muster inside of her to do this, perhaps a sign of her finally growing a bit in that regard, but even so, as she passed by Ancients between the forest and she let them have all the anger and pain she carried with her. They reached the edge of the forest, and before proceeding inside, and against her better judgment, she took one look back at the area where the lone Gold Tribe member stood, and knew this would be the last time she would ever see Layton Igneel, Dark Lightning.

“Stop them!” Sentry commanded the Ancients, in which they turned to pursue, only to have Dark Lightning get in their way with a quick attack, and charge at the group of them with a Wild Charge. Ancients were taken out by the group as Dark Lightning gave it his all to give the others that chance to escape. A Kabutops tried attacking him from behind, but Dark Lightning parried the attack, took him down with a Thrash. He repeated the process to others that gathered around, and successfully blocked the path for the others. He panted heavily, as loads of enemies were sprawled next to his feet, only to see the Sentinels come around him and surround him.

“Admirable.” Sentry said to him. “But pointless. All of them will meet their fates eventually. In the end, no one escapes the Silver Tribe. Now let’s end this.”

“No.” Dark Lightning said silently to himself, with a smile. He looked back as the others as they disappeared into the forest, knowing his mission was accomplished. “No, this isn’t the end. Not for them. Not yet.”

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