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    Candice Greyson

    The laptop took your attention. Walking over, you watch as the wallet materialized into the cerise charm. You have to admit, it didn't fit at all with the color scheme you had on, but right now fashion wasn't a priority at hated it anyway!

    Checking over your notifications, you had that strange messenger pester you again. Curious, this time you ARE going to respond. You took note of his pesterhandle: velociClamper
    -- velociClamper began pestering archaicMiracle --
    VC: no, wait
    VC: don't touch that yet!!
    VC: oh god
    VC: well, I'm not sure it matters, of course, but it will probably keep you calmer for longer if you don't touch it. yet! you'll have to later.
    VC: so anyways! tell your server player to deploy the alchemiter and the totem lathe aaaaand the pre-punched card before you touch the cruxtruder again! very important :D
    VC: you are reading this, right?

    AM: Yeah I had to learn the hard way.
    AM: Will do then.
    AM: And yes I am. It's the only reason I got a weapon.

    Of course, you turn and glance at the machine. It was called the cruxtruder? What a very funny, yet not-so-boring name. This game had everything made to interest you, didn't it? What ever the case, the idea of pestering Vinnie came. So far, the messenger was right. If you want to pass and win the game, you had to follow the person no matter what. For now, you'll name him...Veloci. I mean, you HAD to call him by something instead of saying stranger or messenger, right?

    With that thought out, you were about to pester Vinnie until a memo pops out. Ricardo's pesterhandle was on it...meaning he had created it just now. The title seems to amuse you, which is why you liked him: he was amusing in his own way.
    -- babelsEngineer opened memo on board INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --

    -- babelsEngineer added paintSplatter, archaicMiracle and bemyValentine to the board --
    BE: Hey guys, I figured I should probably start this up because I don't feel like typing everything I want to say thrice.
    BE: Also, try not to clutter this memo with unimportant stuff, this is only for things of top importance pertaining to SBURB!
    BE: Anyways, I just figured I should let you all know that I'm about to start deploying all this free stuff up in Vieve's pad(?)
    BE: Wish me luck.
    BE: PS, someone's started pestering me lately, I think his(her?) chumhandle is rampageTeller.
    BE: Anyways, I know it sounds weird, but he(she?) seems to know what he(she?)'s talking about, so contrary to my better judgement, I'm going to listen to him(her?)
    BE: Actually writing he(she) all the time is kind of tiring, so rampageTeller will hitherto be referred to as a male
    BE: ****! I already cluttered this freaking memo by myself…
    BE: Stupid!
    BE: Alright then, I'm out.

    -- archaicMiracle responded to memo --
    AM: I can add by saying I have a mystery guy, or girl, with the handle velociClamper, if that helps any. Vinnie already deposited, I think it was Cruxtruder or something of the sort.
    AM: I don't know about any of you...but I'm listening to what Veloci says, in this case, the stranger who started talking to us. Apparently there's...two of them?

    You finished giving your input. There's nothing much to say on the matter. Besides, you had to talk to Vinnie as of this second. It was important. Then again, you had another reason to do so anyway, not that anybody knew you had trust in the stranger. Despite never meeting or talking to Veloci, he seems to know a lot. So far he's been right, so there's a reason.

    -- archaicMiracle started pestering bemyValentine --
    AM: Well then, here I am again.
    AM: Just came to say that the Veloci guy is ordering me around.
    AM: He said you should deploy...uhh, the other machines.
    AM: I forgot what he called them.
    AM: Too lazy to check up on the names, but I remember he said pre-punched cards too...

    You typed what you remembered, since right now you couldn't think straight. Your mind was very cloudy and hazy, questions bombarding into you every second. Your curiosity took over you as you remembered the free two magic pink cards. The urge to use them was great, but at the same time you wanted to save them. Besides, what else do you need? Due to your brain already busy, you couldn't think of anything.