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Rin Shavi
Dig Dug

It was quiet, Rin laid down on the roof the ferry, holding a single from the bag Laughner gave to her in front of her face. She'd never had money before, back on the mainland she lived in the forest, stealing things she needed from various settlements, earning herself a spot as a nameless bandit. She pondered what to do with it, she wasn't one to actually need, or really even want money. She put the back in her bag and then put the bag in her backpack, she didn't want to let everyone know the contents of the bag so she refused to transfer the contents to her backpack until she was in a private area. She stood up and stretched to see that a giant landmass had appeared in front of the ferry. After a 3 day voyage, Rin had finally arrived at Pandora. She saw the island and cried in awe of its beauty.

"Now docking in Atara Village," yelled the captain. Rin dropped off of the roof and departed from the ship. She looked left and right several times while walking through the village. She wasn't sure whether she was okay with nature being ravaged by civilization, but she decided to explore. She notices quite a few explorers. Some of them were going to the various vendors stationed around the village to supply for items; others were setting up to go to sleep; and then there were some setting out to explore. Rin then came upon the temple, mysterious as it was. She decided to go in, but only after checking out the vendors. She'd never actually bought anything before, but the idea was pretty straightforward; simply match the number of to that of the item that you want to buy. Easy enough. Food wouldn't be a problem, but water might be. She wasn't too fond of the idea of repels, but she wasn't exactly sure how different Pandora was to home in terms of danger. She decided not to get them, in the long run, as she surmised that it might agitate her senses. Then there was the rock and the glyph. Their mysterious and exotic nature made them both very attractive choices for Rin, but she didn't have the money for both. She started biting her left pointer finger out of frustration, she was at a loss of which to pick, and the area was too open for her to steal anything. She finally decided to buy the Stone Glyph and a bottle of Fresh Water, coming to a total of 1200.

Rin then came to the Temple. It was dimmly lit, but still mysterious enough that it excited Rin. She ran inside, not knowing what to expect. The temple was dimly lit, but still bright enough that she was able to see in front of her (somewhat). She descended some steps fairly close to the entrance and continued down the path that was in front of her. Then, she tripped and fell on something on the ground. "Ouch..." she said, rubbing her chin which she fell on. Then, in front of her appeared a Diglett. "Were you the thing that I tripped on?" She said in a sympathetic tone. "Actually, now that I'm alone, I can look through this bag that Laughner gave me." She leaned up against the wall and pulled out the bag Laughner had given her. The Diglett, intrigued, watched her as she was doing this. "Darn bag barely even fit in my backpack." She first took out the pack of matches. "What is this for?" She asked herself. She thought about it really hard for a few minutes, sensing a familiar feeling about them. "...Oh! The fire sticks daddy used to use!" She said abruptly. "Apparently they're called matches," she said, reading the package. She stuck the matches in her fanny pack and moved on to the others. She took out a knife next. The knife was slightly heavier than her current one, but opted to keep it so that she could use both at the same time and placed it in her fanny pack. Next she pulled out the potions, conveniently labeled for their restorative purposes and usage; she placed them in her backpack, along with the escape rope, tarpaulin, the water, and blanket. Then came the Pokeballs. Nostalgia came over her, she hadn't actually held one since she was a young child. She'd seen hunters and trainers use them, but she preferred not capturing them the old fashion way- but not for keeping, usually for food. She looked at the Diglett, who was staring at her with innocent eyes, and then she put the pokeballs in her fanny pack. Separate from the other pokeballs was another pokeball, and it seemed to be heavier than the others. She pressed the button on the front of the pokeball and then the top popped open, a light spewing forth from it, and out came an Electrike. Rin stared at the Electrike, and the Electrike stared at Rin, the Diglett moving his gaze from one to the other. The Electrike then walked up to Rin's leg and rubbed its head against it, making her skin tingle from the electric current running through the small creature's fur. Rin laughed and said "That tickles!" She then thought for a second and said, "So, what should I name you?" She lost herself in thought for a few minutes and said, "I've got it! Your name is Feign, it's such a cool name, don't you think?" The Electrike let out a decisively energetic bark. "Alright then, Feign, let's go!" She said, waving to the Diglett that kept her company and heading further into the temple, with Feign following behind.

Eventually she came to a dead end. She was about to turn and leave when suddenly smoke appeared. There was no discernible entity in the smoke, it was simply smoke, and then...
...out of the smoke appeared a face. Rin took a defensive position, and then she remembered that there was one more object in the bag, a Pokedex. She pressed a button, and the Pokedex started going into introductory information, something she didn't have time for, but it was fine for the time being, the face's main purpose was to scare her. She put the bag away and hurriedly took out her Light Knife. She dashed towards the Gastly and attacked, but she went right through it. "This isn't good..." Feign started barking at the face. It gazed at Feign, and then Feign simply lost the strength in its legs. Rin ran over to Feign, yelling "Feign! Are you okay?" She then desperately looked to the object in her hand for help. It was pointed at the face (inadvertently), and started speaking, saying "Gastly, a Gas Pokemon; Gastly is a Ghost Type Pokemon that appears as a ball of smoke." Of course, a Ghost Type, no wonder I can't hurt it! Well this is bad... Upon hearing the words of the Pokedex, the Gastly revealed itself.
She was surrounded by smoke, all of which was the single Gastly. It prepared to attack, and Rin hopelessly took a defensive position. Then, as if to save the day, the Diglett used Sand Attack, blinding the Gastly temporarily. It led Rin towards the direction that led to the stairway she came up. Rin picked up Reign and followed it, and the Gastly followed her. Unfortunately, the Diglett was unable to climb the stairs, so it decided to stay behind. Rin, however, wasn't able to simply leave it behind and hurriedly threw a pokeball at it.
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