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If Ash caught all the pokemon in the region would he really use them that often? Much less would they get any development? Ash has a 10 pokemon rotation and even pokemon like Unfezant, Leavanny, Palpitoad, Boldore do get adequate screen time much less development. The reason I see he doesn't have all the pokemon is 1. His companions, rivals, and reoccurring characters need pokemon and development and they could get better showcasing with other characters not named Ash.

Legendary pokemon would be broken. Only in instances where he would have to go up against people like Trollbias or Brandon would I find Legends useful. I'd rather see him in the form of befriend one and using it like Noland did with Articuno. Which Ash may eventually do with Meloetta.

The reason Ash catches Grass, Fire, and Water. Is cause they set the trend of at least 1 Starter per region(most of the time multiple excluding Hoenn). So he is bound to have one of the three. If not the writers seem to fill him with another pokemon for a starter such as Corphish, Torkoal, Buizel. As for the Flying type it seems we are stuck with the regional bird every generation so that is why we have Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, Unzfezant.

Are you saying Flying/Dragon in the same or different? Cause he has a Dragon in Gible. And he has other Flying types in Charizard and Gliscor. And Butterfree (who is also secondary Flying). As for another Electric I dunno, they probably felt like staying with Pikachu and just giving Pikachu clones to companions i.e. Pachirisu to Dawn & Emolga to Iris. Then giving rivals Gary and Paul Electivires. Would I like him to have another Electric yes, but that said if they are adequately featured like Paul Electivire was then I am find with it showcased in the way it was without Ash being the owner.

I'm more anticipating Ash getting a Psychic, Ghost, and Steel as he has never had any of those types. Otherwise he has had every type at some point in his journeys.

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