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    I think it would be too convoluted if he caught so many Pokemon. Each Pokemon he has serves an important purpose for the story in one way or another. If he caught hundreds more Pokemon, they wouldn't be able to even do anything with 70% of them anyway! I still don't think all 30 of his Tauros have made any appearances! xD

    Plus, I think it would be kind of cheap if he had a Legendary to use. I mean, he's a pretty powerful battler, imo, to begin with, without their help. He already gets to work alongside them to save people, Pokemon, and even the world, so he's probably happy with that! Not to mention he's had memory of some Legends erased from time to time.

    And lastly, most of those Legendary Pokemon became friends with Ash. If you began to trust a human, how would you feel if suddenly he began throwing balls in your face? See what I mean? ;; Either way, I think he's doing fine so far. I feel sorry for him in the tournaments though...
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