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Icarus Uprising

Icarus didn't mind being interrupted. In fact, he was thankful to be out of that conversation with Aimi. Still, he feels guilty for leaving her like that. He'll have to suck it up, but he'll try talking to her. Not too much pressure though!

Hikari had offered Icarus a ride on her Entei, running beside Icarus & Ichigo. First she spoke to him & now she's offering him a ride, beside her? Icarus could almost faint, but not right now. Now is the time for rescue. Tsurara may have trained well, but he still lacks the smarts about his strengths. That blush came right back to Icarus as he took a hold of Ichigo, boarded Entei behind Hikari & rode off to the ice sculpture. As they stopped & Icarus & Ichigo got off, Ichigo immediately squeezed inside the ice hole & searched for the girl's Pokemon. Luckily Ichigo could sense anything around him, finding the Pokemon easily & bringing it back out. The Pokemon was safe & sound, but it was still cold. Icarus picked up the Pokemon & held it gently, nodding nicely to Ichigo. A job well done.

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