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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Is the show that good? I've heard so much hype about it... I might be inclined to agree if I watch and think it's good.
Well it involves meth so I'd have to say it is. Anywho
Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Gonna avoid a double post, but how about a Chess Club?
Ooh now this would be cool. Though rather than an "enthusiast's club" could it be a Chess Club Club Club clubbity club? I remember I used to have them at the library but then I moved It wasn't exactly fun but it was cool, so maybe we could work something out. Like set up text matches on Skype or IRC. It would also be very cool if cool if people could speculate, though a scheduling program would have to be made up (every half an hour? Hour? Dunno) but with Skype there could be a "gamemaster" who places the pieces and displays them on screen while people chat.

And in the actual thread you could have like classes where people study how to play better, and people would give help, not unlike a RMT thread in CBC.

And um if that works out how about a Go club? That would be cool
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
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