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Moments after his words, Hanso concentrated, and they teleported to the forests.
Hanso sat down abruptly once he, Zane, Dryad, and Sword and Shield were with Wildfire and Noctus. Teleporting over such a long distance was really getting to him. As he pulled his pack closer and pulled out some food he still had, Hanso said, "Vigil, this is where we left Liberty Forest and entered the rainforest, near where we met Hoodhide. Whatever supplies we don't have now, we might get at Hoodhide's village. For now, stay here while I go back for the rest."
He took a couple minutes to eat what he could before standing back up. I want to take a nice long nap after all this. "Don't kill Noctus," Hanso added absently, then teleported back to the Thieves' Forest edge.
What Hanso saw from his tree was not promising. A sandstorm obscured part of the battlefield - I don't remember seeing any Ancients do that before. - while most of the Gold Tribe appeared to be gathered together. As he watched, they made a run for the forest while Dark Lightning stayed to fight the Ancients. Something really bad happened if he's staying by himself. As the Gold Tribe entered the forest, Hanso teleported down to the ground in front of them. While taking a few seconds to catch his breath, he looked at the condition of the others. They were all battered, but the two that stood out to him were Penance, who seemed mentally beaten, and Hoodhide, who wasn't moving. Watching Lyn look back at the battlefield, Hanso shook his head.

"I hate it when this sort of thing happens," Hanso muttered, his eyes glowing blue. In the next second, he teleported the Gold Tribe to safety.
In the place between Liberty Forest and the Sovereign Rainforest, Hanso plopped down onto the ground again before pulling the last of his food out and scarfing it down. Hunger always resulted from too much teleporting. Between bites, Hanso said to the assembled group, "Everyone tell their part of today's ambush, don't leave out anything that might be important. Do not explode on Noctus there-" He jerked his head at the Cacturne. "-no matter how much you might want to. He's not Roswell."

Looking at Penance and Hoodhide, Hanso sighed inwardly. It looked as if he wouldn't sleep yet. Once he'd taken his last bite, Hanso stood up and brushed himself off. "Now, the real leader here, take over. I'm checking Hoodhide before we go anywhere. Anyone with healing experience, come over now." He took a few steps toward Hoodhide, then stumbled as his right foot touched down. Hungrier than what I had left to eat. No matter. Once he saw whether Hoodhide was alive, and did what he could, Hanso would go to sleep.