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    ||Aimi Maita||Sacred Fire||

    Aimi watched quietly, not making a sound, or moving a single muscle, when she heard Hikari calling to the boy, Icarus, sounding a bit helpless, in her mind, and also very obviously in need of assistance.
    Aimi may not be one to talk all that much, but one thing that she did do was eavesdrop, and even though she may not be all that willing to admit it, she could smoothly and easily figure out how a person was feeling just from hearing the words that they spoke, and how they sounded when it was said. Like the urgency in your voice will make you sound a bit anxious, but then it matters how much urgency you could hear. It came simply and naturally to her, so it was rather obviously to tell that Hikari needed help from the boy. It did confuse Aimi, that one of the Princesses of Sacred Fire, the one linked to the great and very powerful Entei, would talk to the boy, who Aimi didn't really think of as all that special looking, or seeming, just a shy young boy who stuttered alot, and didn't even have all that powerful looking of a Pokemon Link, although she could be wrong.
    Then again, as Aimi thought, she suddenly realized something, and her eyes twitched, as well as her face dropping.
    Oh shoot, it sounds as if I am describing myself on nearly every way, shape, or form. . . . She thought to herself, then looked back at Icarus, as he then spoke to her again, this time bowing with his hands clapped. "W-we'll meet a-again......." Icarus said to Aimi, with one last look, before shooting off to the ice sculpture, to help Hikari with who knows what.

    It did take a minute for Aimi to figure out the current predicament, and her eyes widened once she had it figured out completely. She figured that a little girl and her link were both seperated, and the Pokemon was dumb enough to walk around by the Prince of Ice when he went "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" and made an ice sculpture, which I guess froze the Pokemon Link, nearly killing the girl and the Pokemon both.
    It all made sense to her as soon as she well, eavesdropped for the most part, listening to what all the others around her were talking about, some looking horribly nervous, others taking this like some "fun" event to spice up the festival a bit. Either way, Aimi wasn't too worried about it, like most things that have happened here, and actually smiled a trifle.
    Of course not about the girl nearly getting herself killed, not even Aimi would be that cruel to a human being, but more because of how polite Icarus was, although he did retreat a little bit hastily. That much Aimi understood, because of course he needed to go and "save the day" or something, and so she watched as he hopped on Hikari's link Entei, and she nodded, then turning away from the subject, and looked over to the bench that Icarus and his link, who she has currently not found the name out of yet, had been sitting on before they went up to talk to her.

    She didn't see a single other place to sit at, and because Nina and her both were completely exhausted for their own near death experience, and also the dreaded socializing, she began walking down to the bench, Nina being hugged very tightly in Aimi's grasp. Her breath was being held as she couldn't breathe very well in the first place, but really did long to take a long gasp. Aimi, as she was about to sit down on the simple looking bench, now noticed Nina's struggle to get some air, and blushed a little bit, releasing Nina from her grip instantly, and kept looking at her link, wondering if she was okay. Nina, as soon has she wasn't being hugged very tightly from Aimi, put her paws in the air, and took three long gulps of fresh air, which Nina thought would never of seemed so good. After she had regained herself, Nina glanced at Aimi, taking notice that her linked human had her attention on her and only her. She began to stare directly into Aimi's eyes, which made her blush even more, and instantly look away, but decided to speak, surprisingly in a stuttered voice, as she was used to Nina enough to not do it on most occasions. "I'm, s-so terribly, s-sorry I was choking y-you Nina. . ." Aimi said in a soft and sweet sounding voice, glancing down at her own feet, and away from Nina's glanced completely.

    Knowing that it was her own duty to always make sure that her Linked Human was kept happy, and also herself, Nina shrugged it off a little bit, trying her best to break a smile. "That? Don't sweat it, it's that Starly that should be apologizing right now, I'll tell you that!" Nina reassured Aimi, leaping up to her Linked Human's shoulder, and quickly began to relax herself, something that she had been longing to do for quite awhile. Aimi looked at Nina with a puzzled, and very much confused expression, not quite getting what she was talking about. Of course she wouldn't get the joke, as Aimi for the most part was zoned out during that time, wanting to drown out the voices of all those around her. "Wait um, w-what do you mean by, Starly?" Aimi asked Nina, tilting her head, a quizzical expression on her face. Nina shrugged her shoulders a bit, rolling her eyes jokingly at Aimi, as she laughed slightly, before beginning to speak once again. "Oh, never mind, it's nothing Mi-chan"

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