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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I totally forgot about the eShop! I wonder if it'd be possible for Mother 3 to be translated and released there? :( Does anyone think actually emailing Nintendo would help lmao...I know they get tons of emails to put Earthbound on the Virtual Console though, and still, we don't have it there either. So I would assume not. But at least Earthbound saw an American release, unlike poor Mother 3. Sorry, this is more on the issue of porting than localizing, but I didn't even remember the eShop haha. :(
Seeing as it's GBA, it's pretty unlikely they'll even consider adding another GBA Virtual Console game, which is unfortunate because it's pretty nice to have GBA Virtual Console. It could happen on the Wii U, but I doubt it. I've heard a lot about Mother 3, so I'd love to try it out, but if they don't want to localize it, it's gonna kinda suck having to stick to emulation.
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