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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance giggled as he heard the Mienshao's words. Oh... he had gotten in there. He was worming about in there and had already planed the seeds of truth as well as deception. He giggled as he laid his eyes on Dark Lightening and Hoodhide, "Howdy you two! It's a bash!" He burst into more spontaneous laughter as he wiped a tear from his eye. The rest of the events really passed in a blur for Penance as he just followed Dark Lightning and soon enough everyone was gathered around and then... they left. Penance ran. He ran... It was then that it seemed that the last piece that was still kept his mind together snapped as he just stood there as TrueStriker teleported them away and he temporarily took command. He blinked a bit as his shattered mind slowly began to piece together.

    He smiled and then he began to giggle a bit and soon enough he was laughing. He leaned against a tree and smiled at everyone. "Ah! A great plan to be destroyed! I didn't think he could do it! I refused to believe it but Auron did it!" He giggled with a amused smile on his bill. "I wanted to believe my plan could succeed, but it didn't come close!" He burst into higher pitches of laughter as he slowly sank down until he was sitting on the ground. "Oh, but it doesn't end there! Not at all!" He staggered up and looked around, "Oh! Because they wanted us to escape!" He said gleefully. "What fun is there if the prey is shot down immediately? What purpose would they have then? No, they want us alive as long as possible! It's all a plan!" He burst into more laughter, "Oh! I see it all! A perfect excuse to burn the thieve's village for they know where it is! Without a Gold Tribe to protect it the fire will burn all the trees! Oh, it will be bright and the screams will be so loud! The screams of all your little friends!" He said gleefully as he pointed at Noctus.

    "Oh! A fire will swell and then they will be happy and go after us! We could spend years running because once we're out they turn on each other and they don't want that!" He burst into more laughter. "Oh... also by the way... the city is long long lost, probably the second we got out of site!" He giggled some more. "Everyone is dead and slaughtered and bloody corpses are everywhere and the army is gone too~" He sang out as he leaned against the tree. "Oh... the spy in the city made sure the ancients came back and killed everyone. My daddy's dead, our friends are dead, the soldiers are dead. And since they knew where we were going they knew where the army was going as well! Which means what Vigil!?" He asked as he pointed his finger at the Bisharp.

    "Well... it means we have a epic failure! Not only is the Alpha Alliance wiped out, but it's leaders are possibly captured as well and without the Gold Tribe there all hope is lost! The towers cannot be taken down and the only city they managed to gnab is lost as well, so Gold Tribe what are you going to do next!?" He asked in a kind of announcer's voice. "Well.... we can do absolutely nothing! The spy that informed the Sentinels we were going here has no doubt made sure all hope is lost! And it is indeed!" He burst into laughter once more. "Oh... hope is lost!" He walked down a bit into the forest, still in view of them and began to bang his head against one of the trees with much force before he put his back against and slid down until he was sitting there. "Yup... that's it." He giggled a bit more. Surprisingly thoughout his whole explosion Penance had managed to smile the whole time and had said everything with a cheery attitude.

    He perked up, "Oh.... the area is probably crawling with Ancients already so we either die here or we pick ourselves up and see if we can find hope!" He got back up and stretched. "Can't pick yaselves up after that speech than you deserve to die!" He giggled and began to walk forward. "Come now! We need to find hope somewhere out there! If I remember correctly she should be somewhere in this direction!"