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as far as having too many pokemon and not using all of them. ash is not even using all his pokemon
Which is why I said an over abundance would be pointless if he doesn't utilize what he already has. Focus on what you do have and build on that.

second yes charizard is fire but guess what he isnt realy ashes any more cuase charizard is with all the other charizards
Fire/Flying. And he can call on Charizard if he needed to like when he was facing Clair, the Silver Conference, or Battle Frontier. Only reason he hasn't appeared is cause the writers don't seem to want to use him as of the last few Sagas. Although he did appear in the Opening with many of Ash's other pokemon at Oak Ranch in the opening of Best Wishes S2.

also as far as what all of you say on legendary thats bull seriously he has been in every region and area . he wants to be the best yet he doesnt have one after all he has seen, meet, and become friends with. he should at least have one if not now then at least by the end of the series..
Anyone can "want" to be the best that doesn't mean they are or that they will get a legendary. If they were going to go about giving him legendaries they wouldn't have they formula like they do where they reset him all the time as well as Pikachu.

yes i understand why he has a water, grass, fire and such but how come he doesnt get pokemon types he doesnt have yet.
Cause the writers haven't got around to working in the last 3 types he has yet to get.

if ash is so powerful like you say and doesnt need a super powerful pokemon how come he hasnt won any leagues yet please answer me that..
Dunno where someone said he was so powerful as at the end of the day it is determined by the writers whether they handle him with a Win in the league or a loss. And Ash does have Powerhouses he needs powerful pokemon to compete with great trainers. Charizard has defeated Articuno, Pikachu defeated Regice and tied with Latios, Sceptile defeated Darkrai. He has powerful pokemon that have defeated Legends in the past. It just seems the writers want to short change Ash and have some super trainer with a bunch of legends beat Ash. Which seems like lazy writing. At least when he lost to Harrison and Tyson it was reasonable.

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