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.... ....

The entrance was simple and albeit impressive. Although just a gradual parting of trees that allowed a forced dirt path to exist in it, it seemed as if the road wasn’t too careful, the vegetation would once again consume it and claim it as its own. Julius looked back where he came from. He was on the outskirts of town and beginning to become separated with the artificial lights of the settlement, and the orb of mystery in his hands began to whimper a little at the darkness that shrouded the path ahead that didn’t get blessed with the torch’s light that Julius now held in his right hand. It was dark, and getting darker by the minute.

“Now this is it? Sum foll this man was. Fella culd get lost’in’ere.” As he rocked the strange Pokémon in his arms to comfort it a little. He looked at the Koffing with caring, but still crazed eyes. “Dun you worry, orb of mystery. Nuthin’ I can’t solve, mind ye.”

And with that, Julius headed out onto the path, the darkness consuming the particles of light that dare try and follow him.

.... ....

The trees were damp and the designated path had been intercepted by invading moss and tiny rivers. It was still there, but much less noticeable. Julius puzzled over his new surroundings, not scared, but feeling the aura of something…. violent. He began to smile and direct his eyes into the black miasma that surrounded the light emitted from his torch. The Koffing that resided in his arms dared not to say a word or even make a sound as it was scared senseless of this new blackness surrounding every nook and corner. So thus, as the only sound besides the faint droplets of water swimming in the rivers, Julius’ footsteps echoed loudly as it hit the dirt below.

Suddenly, Julius stopped. He felt something on his foot. Looking down, he noticed a coat of what seemed to be silk. Moving his torch ahead of him, he noticed the substance covered a large portion of the ground to this right, until it hit a water-soaked tree. The silk weaved itself like a parasite on the bark of the branches, and traveled up the tree and on to its uppermost branches, where Julius saw something more…. something red covered in the silk on top of a large, drooping leaf. Whatever it was, it was sleeping.

Moving his torch and stepping a bit closer to the tree, Julius began to notice more and more of these creatures up and down along the tree, attached securely and safely along the bark. Wurmple, he finally realized as he recognized one of the worm’s faces enough through the silk. Pudgy little Wurmple.

A rustle came from behind Julius. Sharply turning his head and back, the man heard a quick rustle afterwards before it stopped completely, whoever or whatever was nearby evidently having rushing off or in hiding.

“Blady things,” Julius commented on the creatures as he came back to them. Julius was never himself fond of weak and “pudgy” newborn bugs. They needed so much attention and security before they were ready to battle on their own. And worse yet, they were sleeping. So defenseless. A hungry Pidgeotto and two of its friends could easily clean off this tree and all that preparation from the Beautiflies and Dustox for the colony’s next generation would be in vain. All of their children would’ve been found with their guts spilled out and their skin torn to pieces, that is if the Pidgeottos got too full and fled before they gobbled up every bit of the worms. And what would the Wurmples have in defense if most of them awoken at the beginning of the attack? Even teasing the notion that their protective silk would allow them to squirm away from the tree, what if the Pidgeotto came after them? What attack do they have at their disposal? String shot? Maybe a tackle? And what if they woke up, were able to squirm away, and avoid the birds all together? It would probably be so frightened that it would keep going and pass out. Once it woke up, it would be in unfamiliar territory.

Its parents wouldn’t be able to find it. Other creatures would be on the prowl. Dead.

It wouldn’t know how to survive anyway. Dead.

Maybe a feisty trainer found it? It was too young! That trainer wouldn’t know how to take care of it. They would battle with it and it would be killed immediately with a good ember or karate chop. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

If literally anything happened to these Wurmple to disturb this perpetual state of safety, they would die, and the species in the area jeopardized. Knowledge must be brought down onto these bugs about their young. They are so careless. So inept. So…. naïve. And their children would grow up to be the same, having the same instinctive ways of protecting their hatchlings. These creatures would not know to change, evolve, or grow without something to provoke them to know better. All it takes is one Pidgeotto attack.

And today, it seemed that Julius was that Pidegeotto.

“Orb’a’mystery. Poison Gas. On da bugs. Now.” Julius ordered to his Koffing, who immediately obeyed. As the poisoned smoke entrapped the creatures, they began to squabble in their nests, feeling the sting on their soft skin. “Atta girl, just like that.”

The Wurmple began to squeak in high pitched tones, as if that’s all they could muster for a scream with their tiny lungs, as more and more gas soaked into their systems. Oddly enough, they weren’t opening their eyes and searching for a threat. These Wurmple were even younger than Julius had initially thought.

That only lit the fire in Julius even more.

“Come on, girly. Give ‘em your best shot. Really deep within.” Julius asked to the orb. As commanded and without a second thought, the Koffing dug deeper in its body and spewed out an especially potent gas, causing the Wurmple to screech louder than before and begin to try and escape their silk prisons. The Koffing didn’t really get what was going on, and was completely fascinated by the reaction. In fact, she even spewed faster and harder to see if she could stir up more activity.

Julius immediately found himself on the ground after a second’s passing. Something has pushed him violently onto the floor, but to his success, his managed to stick his torch upwards in the soil. His Koffing flew right out of his arms and out in the darkness however, and it cried with surprise as it fell on the sopping wet dirt below.

Chuckling, Julius looked at his attacker. A seemingly tall, bipedal green figure stood menacingly over his body; the sharp blades it called arms gleaming in the torch’s luminance. Without any words, the creature swung its right blade again, about the strike as Julius rolled on the ground below him. The attack missed, and Julius quickly stood on his feet once more.

“Hero?” Julius whispered, looking at the creature. It gleamed angrily from what he could see as it tried to pull its blade from the ground. No. It wasn’t here to save the Wurmple. It was purely there for him. For prey.

Julius felt a rocky sensation on his leg and instantly thought it was his orb of mystery. Thinking fast as the creature pulled its blade out of the ground, Julius raised his leg and kicked it at the bladesman.

“Orby, Tackle. Now!” he shouted as he noticed his assumption was right as the light revealed the sensation to be his Koffing flying right at the overgrown bug. Panicked, the Koffing instinctively did it anyway, smacking the blade-wielder hard on the stomach. Koffing rolled backwards on the ground as it landed from the recoil and the creature it hit sharply jutted its body upwards and growled angrily at the ball that just attacked him.

Before the blink of an eye, the creature was unloading onto the Koffing and screaming as its blade attempted to harm its rocky surface. Scared and frenzied, the Koffing screamed as well in fright as well as immense pain.

Julius tensed up and lost his grin as he heard a buzzing of sorts and looked upwards. A Dustox appeared out of nowhere and tried to attack Julius, who immediately smacked it away with the back of his hand. Without a moment’s notice another one flew into his chest and another onto his shoulder, as well as the one he had just swatted coming back for more.

“Poison’ Gas!” Julius yelled as he tried yanking off the moths. The Koffing blurted out a stream of gas from it, and continued to scream as the gas flew upward to its attacker. The Scyther took a few huge gasps of it accidentally from its panting breath, and began to choke and back off a ways from the Koffing. It wiggled back and forth, bringing its blades to its neck, frantically stamping around.

A loud buzz of more bugs came from the void and flew onto both Julius and his bleeding Koffing, and it looked like it if he didn’t quickly make it out of there, at least one of them wouldn’t survive the night. Punting another Dustox off of himself and reaching to his satchel, he dug out the knife Laughner gave him and proceeded to stab it at the Dustox that latched onto his torso and tried to dig into his heart. The creature moaned as its own heart immediately stop beating and fell off like a lump of rotten flesh.

Julius slashed his way to his Koffing and picked it up, and took a step forward before noticing the blade Pokemon still stammering around, trying to breathe. Julius took a quick look at the torch he planted onto the ground and quickly grabbed it. With one swipe of his hand, the torch made contact onto the Scyther’s face and scorched it. The Scyther panicked as its skin continued to be on fire, and fell backwards onto the tree. Julius tossed his torch at the very same tree and ran as a harmony of Wurmple screeches bid him off, their fragile bodies becoming nothing more than black flakes.

Alas, twenty feet into his blind journey through the darkness, something fastened around his ankle and tripped him, the momentum flinging his Koffing thirty feet in who-knows-what direction from his arms as his face greeted the moss below him.

His attempts at picking himself up were futile as unseen Dustox clutched onto him once more, and despite the unguided swings of his knife, an uncountable amount covered almost every inch of his body. His Koffing shouted somewhere in the distance, but Julius didn’t care about her right at the moment.

Suddenly, most of the Dustox flew off of him and something stronger wrapped around his ankles and began to pull on him. The cries of his Koffing were also traveling, coming closer in his direction. Faster and faster the force pulled him into an off-road marsh, and Julius quickly found himself suffocating under the dips up and down from the muck.

A sharp rock collided with his head, and knocked him out as he felt his body re-approach some kind of sturdy land.
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